“Please give me a compliment” Unusual request… Supporting role, but ‘special value’ more than the main role

“Please compliment (Shin) Min-jae a lot.”

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop made an unusual request to the reporters to praise Min-jae Shin before the team’s match against SSG Landers in the second match of the season held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th. did. Shin Min-jae wore the uniform of Doosan Bears as a training player in 2015, then moved to the LG Twins and has been active for 5 seasons.

Shin Min-jae has appeared in 16 games this year, but he has not been able to step into the plate even once. However, he is one of the players that LG should not be without. The reason is that he is properly digesting the role of a super runner. Shin Min-jae started the game mostly only as a large runner and scored 5 steals and 6 points.

In particular, in the match against SSG in Jamsil on the 25th, he led the team’s victory as a runner in the 9th inning. Shin Min-jae replaced Moon Seong-joo as a runner, stole second base, and drove home on a hit by Oh Ji-hwan, a follow-up hitter, to lead the team to a 7-6 victory. If it had not been for Shin Min-jae’s stolen base, Oh Ji-hwan’s hit, which goes beyond the height of right fielder, might not have led to the end.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop praised Min-jae Shin for his performance. The command tower raised his thumb, saying, “The role of a major runner is really important. .

There was a lot of meaning in Shin Min-jae’s success in stealing the base as he was put in as a major runner. The command tower said, “The timing of the breaking ball is set by the bench, but in the end, when the runner goes out safely, the first company should be on the third base. do,” he said.

Continuing, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “In the case of the 26th, we were able to pull the defensive position in the outfield while successfully stealing the base. If a wild pitch is played on the 2nd base, a situation is created where the runner goes to the 3rd base, so it is easy to throw a one-bound breaking ball. It’s burdensome for the pitcher and catcher. With this situation created, Oh Ji-hwan was able to finish.”ㅋㅋㅋ벳

It was Oh Ji-hwan who put an end to the match in the match on the 26th, but coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop rated Shin Min-jae’s performance even more highly. He said, “It is true that (Oh) Ji-hwan was a big help in winning, but from the manager’s point of view, a role like (Shin) Min-jae is very important, and when he plays that role, it has a great impact on the team, and he talks about the hardships behind the scenes. I am really grateful,” he expressed his gratitude.

There was another reason why the command tower was so grateful. In the case of key players, even if they make a mistake, they have a chance to make up for it. But mistakes are fatal for backup players. This is because there are often no additional opportunities to make up for this, and depending on the situation, it has a significant impact on the survival of the first group. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop was not aware of this either.

The command tower said, “The role of a major runner is when the main player needs to rest, and when the score gap is high, you have to play. In the end, you have to play a tough role from the back. It is a role that receives a lot of criticism when it is out more than before.

It is a supporting role that does not stand out more than the lead role, but it seems clear that Shin Min-jae is an indispensable presence in the baseball that LG is currently pursuing.

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