Pittsburgh, “sometimes to the point of regret” Choi Ji-man is adjusting the pace

The Pittsburgh Pirates are cautiously approaching the new left-handed hitter Choi Ji-man.

On the 23rd (Korean time), Todd Tomchik, director of sports medicine who is in charge of injury management for the Pirates, told the situation of injured players in an interview with local media such as ‘Trip Live’.스포츠토토

The name of Choi Ji-man, who underwent an elbow bone fragment removal surgery last November, was also mentioned.

Tomchik revealed that he was approaching Choi Ji-man carefully, saying, “Sometimes the player handles it very slowly to the point of feeling unfair.”

Choi Ji-man suffered from pain from a bone fragment in his elbow throughout last season. The injury also affected his performance. He is known to be unrelated to the worst sluggishness in the second half (0.164/0.272/0.293).

After the season, he underwent surgery to remove his teeth. In the aftermath of his surgery, his first national team appearance in his life was also frustrated. He is currently concentrating on preparing for the season.

Tomchick drew the line that it was not a situation where something new was a problem. “We want him to be sure that he is ready for the Cincinnati Reds (opening game opponent) and the entire season,” he explained as a measure to have a healthy season.

Meanwhile, Tomchik also shared news of other players.

Therma Johnson, who joined big league camp as an 18-year-old as an infielder with the fourth overall pick in the 2022 draft, took a break from his current training due to a right hamstring injury. After 10 to 14 days of rest, we plan to decide on the next step.

Right-hander Robert Stevenson has had his training schedule adjusted after reporting discomfort in his elbow.

Right-hander Max Cranick, who underwent Tommy John surgery last June, is playing catch four to five times a week from 60 to 75 feet.

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