Park Ji-young, vice president of the Korean Women’s Sports Association,

The appointment of Vice Chairman Park Ji-young as the chairperson and manager of the International Canoe Federation was made at the time of the general meeting of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) held in Seoul last October at the suggestion of Thomas Konietzko, president of the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

Vice Chairman Park Ji-young’s entry into 메이저놀이터 the International Canoe Federation gave her a great boost in promoting the growth and development of women’s sports in Asia. 

Vice Chairman Park Ji-young, the administrator of the first generation of Artistic Swimming, devoted himself to revitalizing the Artistic Swimming event and nurturing the younger generation, laying the groundwork for the Artistic Swimming team event to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Qualifier in 17 years.

Since 2017 she has served as an artistic swimming international referee and has been recognized for her outstanding abilities on the international stage.  

For her achievements, she was awarded the Achievement Award at the 32nd Yoon-Kok Kim Un-Yong Women’s Sports Awards last year. 

Vice President Park Ji-young, who graduated from the Department of Physical Education at Ewha Womans University, received a master’s degree in Political Science and Diplomacy from the Graduate School of Social Sciences at Yonsei University, and a doctorate from the Department of Physical Education at Korea National Sport University. She is a representative female sports administrator who is active in various fields, such as director, international artistic swimming referee of the World Swimming Federation (FINA), representative of women’s sports at the Asian Canoe Federation (ACC), and member of the information statistics committee of the Korea Olympic Committee. 

She also served as a member of the Presidential Transition Committee, an advisory member of the National Integration Committee, a vice president of the Korea Swimming Federation, and a member of the Women’s Sports Committee of the Korea Sports Association. For her book, she translated ‘(Hollywood-captivating) Dolly’s Pilates’.   

In 2019, she held a legislative hearing at the National Assembly to eradicate sexual violence in sports – the female quota for athletic leaders is the answer! At the public hearing, they claimed, “In an environment where most of the female athletes are guided by male coaches, female athletes are inevitably more likely to be exposed to sexual harassment and sexual violence.” It also contributed to steadily expanding the rights and activities of female sportspersons.  

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