Park Gyeol, Yoo Hyun-joo, and other top-class prize money rankings are all dispatched to the ‘Beauty Corps’, the first Doosan We’ve Championship is plentiful to see

 Doosan E&C’s will to increase brand value through women’s golf is leading to a wide range of moves.

In March,메이저사이트 Doosan E&C established a women’s golf team consisting of Yoo Hyeon-joo (29), Park Gyeol (27), Hyo-joo Hyo (26), Lim Hee-jeong (23), and Kim Min-sol (17). Doosan E&C, which recruited the representative stars of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour with both skill and appearance, held the 1st Doosan E&C We’ve Championship (total prize money 12) at Jeju Teddy Valley Golf & Resort for four days from the 10th billion) will be held. Despite being the first tournament, the prize money is high, representing Doosan E&C’s affection for the KLPGA Tour.

He did not hide his will to increase the value of Brad. Doosan E&C held this event with the five essentials of its representative brand, We’ve, ‘a contest you want to attend (Have)’, ‘a contest full of joy (Live)’, ‘a contest full of love and happiness (Love)’ and ‘contributing to the environment and society. It was planned as a contest to do (Save)’ and ‘a contest to escape from everyday life and heal (Solve)’.

The concept of the player designing the championship trophy himself is also interesting. Just as bricks meaning construction are piled up one by one, the meaning of piling up countless moments of effort one by one to bear the fruit of victory was embodied. The completion of the trophy is completed by the winner, and many players are expected to challenge for the championship by adding the symbolism of being the first champion.

As it is the first tournament, all players from Doosan E&C are mobilized. In particular, Park Gye-kyul, who signaled a comeback this year, and Lim Hee-jung, who came back after overcoming an injury, are attracting attention because they are players who can challenge for the championship. Yoo Hyun-joo, who is actively working in the field and broadcasting, is also expected to appear on the KLPGA tour and attract the cloud gallery.

The face of the participating players is also gorgeous. Park Ji-young (27, Korea Real Estate Trust) and Park Min-ji (25, NH Investment & Securities), all of the top 20 players in the prize money rankings, including top rankers competing for the prize money, cast their votes. Park Ji-young gained momentum by winning the season opener and the final tournament in the first half, while Park Min-ji won two wins on the KLPGA Tour and participated in the US Women’s Open and Evian Championship, where she competed against the leading players of the LPGA Tour. It is hoped that the fireworks competition between the two will start in earnest through this competition.

In particular, since there are only two weeks left until the Hanwha Classic, a major tournament, players are expected to focus on improving the feel of their shots. This is why we expect a fierce battle.

There is also a typhoon variable. Typhoon Kanun, the 6th, was predicted to land on the Korean Peninsula on the 10th, the opening day of the Games, and it emerged as a big variable. It is known that the KLPGA is also closely watching the path of the typhoon and is preparing to hold the tournament without a hitch.

Doosan Engineering & Construction CEO Lee Jung-hwan said, “I hope you will cheer for the great play of the top players on Jeju Island. We ask for your interest and support so that the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship can grow into a better competition.”

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