Pak Se-ri’s ‘That Shot’ reenacted Park Gyeol.. “The secret to leading? There was nothing that couldn’t be done today”

 “It was a perfect day with no bad shots.”

‘Field fairy’ Park Gyeol smiled brightly. Although it is still early, the second championship cup, which has been waiting for more than four years, has also produced promising results. 

Park Gyeol recorded 6 birdies and 1 bogey in the first round of the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) held on the 27th at the Lakewood Country Club mountain path and forest path course (par 72) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Park Gyeol, who recorded a total of 5 under par 67 in the first round, will enter the second round tied for the lead with Bang Shin-sil and Han Jin-sun. 

In October 2018, Park Gyeol reported his first professional debut win at the SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic.

However, he did not win the trophy for 4 years and 6 months. In the 2020 season, he failed to keep his ticket and went to the KLPGA Tour seed rankings. 

He said that this season has changed ‘quickly’ even for himself. He found peace of mind by meeting a new sponsor, and the Callaway Golf Club, which he changed this season, fits well in his hand.

He honed his distance and iron shots, which he lacked in training camps in the United States. returned with satisfactory results. The recent performance has not been bad, so I am quietly aiming for the championship.

Park Gyeol smiled brightly, saying, “If I were to evaluate my day today, it was a day where nothing was wrong. There were no shot mistakes, and my putts fell well.

On this day, I wrote down the only bogey on hole 2 (par 3). My heart was complicated because my tee shot went to a water hazard, and it was a mistake that came from a situation where I was running at the top by reducing 4 strokes. However, he was able to hit the ball as it was across the grass over the water. It was one of the good fortunes that Park Gyeol said. 

After thinking for a while, Park Gyeol took off his socks. The famous scene created by Pak Se-ri at the 1998 US Women’s Open was replayed in Korea after 25 years.  메이저사이트

Park Gyeol said, “I expected a double bogey after the tee shot. But when I got closer, it was a ball I could hit. I felt good, as if I had caught “.” 

Park Gyeol, who got out of the hole with a pleasant (?) look, made consecutive birdies on the 6th and 7th holes, raising the ranking to the joint lead. 

It is too early to judge the final round rankings based on the results of the first day. However, it is clear that he is the player with the highest chance of winning among 132 players.

Park Gyul also did not hide his greed. He said, “Because the feeling of the shot is so good, I plan to attack the pins tomorrow as aggressively as I did today. Regardless of the result, I will spend a day with no regrets.” 

Park Gyeol revealed his goal for this season is one win. Among them, he picked the competition hosted by Doosan E&C, which signed a new sponsorship contract this year. He said, “At any event, winning is desperately needed. If I had to pick one of them, it would of course be a tournament held by a sponsor. I think it’s a way to reciprocate the trust and help.” 

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