“Our Pil Seung-jo is 8 people, not 3” LG’s confidence, joining the national university sidearm 

LG Twins Jung Woo-young returned to the first team entry. The bullpen is expected to be even more powerful.메이저사이트

LG registered pitcher Jung Woo-young as a first-team entry ahead of the Lotte Giants game in Jamsil on the 23rd. Instead of Jung Woo-young, Lee Woo-chan was canceled. He was excluded from the entry on the 13th due to poor condition, but was listed on the injured list until the 22nd. Jung Woo-young, who completed 10 days, returned to the first team after pitching one scoreless inning in the Futures League Sangmu match on the 22nd.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop announced Jung Woo-young’s return and explained, “I throw 80% of breaking balls in the Futures League. I mainly check the curve and changeup.”

Jung Woo-young, who was also selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team as a right-handed sidearm pitcher with an overwhelming fastball, is recording sluggish results in this year’s regular season compared to previous years. He appeared in 50 games, going 4-4 ​​with 11 holds and an earned run average of 4.43. It is true that his batting average and run rate have increased somewhat, considering that he has consistently posted an earned run average of 2-3 over the past 4 seasons. It is not unrelated to this that he ordered Jung Woo-young to use a breaking ball.

However, since Jung Woo-young announced a complete recovery of sensation in the Futures mound, his return is expected to be a bigger boost to the first-team bullpen. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is showing strong confidence to the point of saying, “Our team has 8 members, not 3 members.” Manager Yeom said, “From now on, it’s a match. None of our players are tired. There are 8 people in the Pilseungjoo, not 3 people.

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