‘Oldest’ Jung Dae-young “Playing with my daughter? It’s not easy, but I’ll try”

Still as good as ever, Jung Dae-young, the world’s oldest active women’s volleyball player, returned to her hometown team as a free agent.

She said it would be difficult to play on the court with her daughter, who dreams of becoming a volleyball player, but she smiled and said she would try.

Reporter Lee Ji-Eun met with her.토토사이트

After winning a miraculous reverse sweep, 81-year-old veteran Jung Dae-young returned to her home team.

The secret to playing with juniors, many of whom are more than 20 years his junior, is thorough physical fitness management.

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex middle blocker: I tend to lift a little too much weight when I do things like weights, so I don’t get hit by other players].

Kim’s daughter, Bo-min, who she had during her time at GS Caltex, is now in middle school and dreams of becoming a volleyball player.

[BOMIN KIM / Daughter of DAEYOUNG CHUNG] I think I had that dream because I saw my mom playing so cool.

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex Middle Blocker : Puberty also comes and you need your own time, so now when I say ‘I’m going to go’ at home, she doesn’t even come out of her room and says ‘Goodbye Mom’].

There’s talk that he could play professionally with his daughter at this rate.

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex Middle Blocker: Honestly, if Bomin was in high school, I would think that I would want to hold on a little longer and try it, but since he is still in the first year of middle school, the period is too long, so it will probably be difficult for me to play. (Reporter: You only have to hold on for six years?) I don’t think it will be easy, but I will try my best].

[Kim Bo-min / Jung Dae-young’s daughter : I think it will be something new to think about playing volleyball with my mom].

On being the oldest active female volleyball player and working mom,

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex Middle Blocker: I often feel really excited just to be on the court, so I guess that’s why I can’t retire and keep extending my playing career].

With the support of his family behind him, Jung continues to follow his own path today.

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex Middle Blocker: Mom wants Bo-min to always be a bright person].

[Kim Bomin / Jung Dae-young Player’s daughter: I want my mom to just play volleyball for a long time].

[Jung Dae-young / GS Caltex Middle Blocker: Okay].

YTN’s Lee Ji-Eun.

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