‘Now Munich Man’ Kim Min-jae with a smile, a video letter from the local area…”I’ll see you soon”

‘Munichman’ Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich) greeted Korean fans in Germany.

On the 21st (Korean time), Munich released a short video containing Kim Min-jae’s greeting, saying, “A message from Bayern Munich’s monster, Kim Min-jae has arrived!” Standing alone against what appeared to be his training ground, Kim Min-jae sent a video letter to his fans.온라인카지노

Kim Min-jae said, “Hello. Munich fans in Korea,” and smiled brightly, saying, “Thank you for your support. Please support the team as well as me. See you soon. Thank you.”

Kim Min-jae also started official training. He immediately joined Camp Tegernsee and trained with his teammates. He received basic military training for three weeks and was discharged only on the 6th, but actively participated in team training and showed his motivation.

As he had just started training, Kim Min-jae focused on improving his condition. He was left out of his team training and trained lightly to get a feel for it. Kim Min-jae did simple stretching as well as outdoor training such as rondo (spinning the ball).

In fact, Kim Min-jae could have joined Munich from Japan instead of Tegernze. According to Germany’s ‘RAN’, coach Thomas Tuchel allowed him to fly to Japan immediately instead of coming all the way to Germany, but Kim Min-jae decided to go to Tegern himself. Looking at this, Director Tuchel was pleased, saying, “You can see how serious Kim Min-jae is.”

Even in Europe, Kim Min-jae, who has built a new nest in Munich, is being spotlighted. The European Football Federation Champions League posted a picture of him wearing a Munich uniform through the official social media and emphasized that he was “Bayern’s new defensive wall.”

‘Sky Sports Germany’ also introduced, “New star Kim Min-jae shook the ‘Munich’s market value TOP 10’. Kim Min-jae was listed in the top 10 market value in Munich at the same time as the transfer.” According to the evaluation of ‘Football Benchmark’ cited by the media, Kim Min-jae’s value reaches a whopping 64.6 million euros (approximately 92.3 billion won).

Coach Tuchel also fell in love with Kim Min-jae. From the first time he met Kim Min-jae, he smiled widely, hugged him, and stroked his cheek, sparing no effort in expressing affection. According to Germany’s TZ, Kim Min-jae was at the center of the topic at the training ground and was known to have been praised separately by coach Tuchel.

Local fans also greeted Kim Min-jae with warm cheers. Fans who visited the training ground were happy to see Kim Min-jae appear, chanting “KIM! KIM! KIM!” Kim Min-jae also sincerely responded by signing autographs for fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae confirmed his transfer to Munich on the 19th. His contract period is 5 years, the transfer fee is 50 million euros (approximately 71.4 billion won), and the annual salary is known to be 12 million euros (approximately 17.1 billion won). Now, he will have an official introduction time at the ‘Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation 2023-2024’ event held at the home stadium Allianz Arena on the 23rd.

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