NBA Daily Injury Report (April 5): Brown Out Jokic Available

Jaylen Brown (26, 198cm) will not participate in the Philadelphia expedition on the 5th (Korean time).

According to Boston coach Joe Mazzula, Brown, Peyton Pritchard (25, 185cm) and Robert Williams III (25, 206cm) will miss the Philadelphia 76ers. Boston will play an away game against the Philadelphia 76ers, third in the East, and a back-to-back schedule against the Toronto Raptors. The absence of Brown and Williams III is news that they can play against Toronto as part of a back-to-back schedule break.

Boston, currently ranked second in the East, maintains a two-game gap with the first-place Milwaukee Bucks. With 4 games left, it seems that it is not enough to overturn the rankings unless they run a winning streak. Philadelphia (away)-Toronto (away)-Toronto (home)-Atlanta (home) and Boston with the rest of the game schedule left. 바카라

With Brown missing, the void was filled by Derek White (28, 193cm). The Lakers, who are aiming for the playoffs beyond the play-in tournament, are also going through a back-to-back schedule, and D’Angelo Russell (26, 193cm) is known to be highly likely to miss the Utah Jazz game on the 5th for a break. Mo Bamba (24, 213cm), who suffered an ankle injury right after transferring to the Lakers and was out of the team for nearly a month, is also getting closer to returning to the court.

In addition, Nicola Jokic (28, 211cm), who missed the last three games in a row due to right calf pain, announced his return, and looked at what changes were made to the injured list ahead of the 5-day schedule with a total of 13 games.

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