‘Na Kyun-an 3 wins + Kim Min-seok 2 RBIs’ Lotte loses to Samsung the day before

The Lotte Giants took revenge for the loss the previous day and balanced the series with 1 win and 1 loss.

Lotte won 8-5 in a confrontation with Samsung Lions in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 15th.

Lotte starter Na Kyun-an won 3 wins of the season with 3 runs (3 earned), 6 hits, 4 walks and 4 strikeouts in 5 innings. Jack Rex went 3 at-bats, 2 hits, 1 walk, 2 RBIs, and 2 points, An Chi-hong went 2 at-bats, 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 RBIs, and Kim Min-seok went 4 at-bats, 2 hits, 2 RBIs, and 1 point.

Lotte scored the first points in two consecutive games. Ahn Kwon-soo and Ko Seung-min’s consecutive hits led to opportunities for first and third base. Jack Rex sent a ground ball to the second baseman. In the meantime, Ahn Kwon-soo came into the home.

Lotte widened the score gap in the top of the 3rd inning. With Ko Seung-min walking and Yoo Gang-nam hitting, Rex hit 1 RBI and 2 bases in a chance to 1 out 1 and 2 base. An Chi-Hong’s 2 RBIs were followed by a timely hit, adding 3 points. 토토사이트

Samsung started to chase in the bottom of the 4th inning. Oh Jae-il and Kim Dong-yeop’s consecutive hits gave them a chance to first and third base. Following this, Kim Ji-chan’s 1 RBI hit at the right time broke out. Kim Dong-yeop advanced to third base. Then, when Lee Seong-gyu was at bat, Kim Ji-chan was caught on a rundown. However, while the Lotte defense was focusing on Kim Ji-chan, Kim Dong-yeop dug into the home and even scored.

Samsung narrowed the score gap to 1 point at the end of the 5th inning. Jose Pirella hit Kang Min-ho on four balls and Oh Jae-il walked to take the opportunity to load the bases with one out. Then, Kim Dong-yeop, who came out to bat, sent a shortstop ground ball. First base runner Oh Jae-il was out at second base, but Kim Dong-yeop lived at first base. Meanwhile, Pirella scored.

Lotte ran away in the top of the 6th inning. Leading batter Kim Min-seok hit a double and went out. Then, with Noh Jin-hyeok’s bunt hit, he got a chance to run 1st and 3rd base safely. Lee Hak-joo, who entered the plate, hit a timely one RBI. After that, Park Seung-wook’s bunt hit made the bases safe, and Ahn Kwon-soo’s double hit came out, but Noh Jin-hyeok stepped on the home base.

At the beginning of the 7th inning, Lotte added points. Gangnam Yoo walked, Rex hit, and An Chi-Hong sacrificed bunt to get 1 out, 2nd and 3rd base opportunities. Kim Min-seok, who entered the plate, hit a timely hit with two RBIs.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Lee Won-seok hit and Lee Seong-gyu doubled to take a chance on 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases. Then, Goo Ja-wook’s sacrifice fly allowed Lee Won-seok to score. Lee Jae-hyeon’s timely hit even exploded, and he pursued up to 3 points.

However, in the beginning of the 9th inning, Lotte added 1 point with Choi Choong-yeon’s balk in the situation of 2nd, 2nd and 3rd bases, driving a wedge.

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