My father, Lee Jong-beom, dreams of winning at LG… Son Lee Jeong-hoo went to ML as a military officer? ‘The joy of the rich’

My father seized a golden opportunity to wear a championship ring outside Haitai. However, his son will most likely cross over to the major leagues without a championship ring.카지노

Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo was virtually out of the season. Lee Jung-hoo was replaced on the 22nd due to a left ankle injury while defending in the bottom of the 8th inning against Lotte in Busan. Eventually, he was diagnosed with propaganda zone damage. He is scheduled for surgery on the 25th with a checkup. His rehabilitation period is expected to be around 3 months.

Lee Jung-hoo is still a young player at the age of 25. He may make a dramatic comeback with a miraculous speed of rehabilitation. However, even if he makes a quick comeback, he may not be able to play a lot of kiwoom games. As of the 24th, Kiwoom, who was in 8th place, pursued Lotte in 5th place by two games. However, challenging for the top 5 without Lee Jung-hoo is not as easy as it sounds.

If Kiwoom fails to challenge for the top 5 without Lee Jung-hoo, in the worst case, Lee Jung-hoo’s career in the KBO league may end this season. It is because it is certain that Lee Jung-hoo will go to the major leagues next year. In addition, Lee Jung-hoo made his debut in 2017 and was more likely to take off his Kiwoom uniform after failing to resolve the Korean series victory.

After 2014, Kiwoom won the Korean Series runner-up for the first time since the Lee Jung-hoo era in 2022. However, he struggles with various bad news this season. Even if you go out in the postseason with a pull-up, it seems difficult to win the Korean Series. Lee Jung-hoo wanted Kiwoom to win more than anyone else. He had a strong will to raise the championship trophy himself, present it to fans, and go to the major leagues.

On the other hand, Lee Jung-hoo’s father, LG’s main base coach Lee Jong-beom, is challenging for the first time since becoming the leader this year. Coach Lee Jong-beom’s LG has 49 wins, 31 losses and 2 draws as of the 24th. After the last two games in the first half, he suffered three consecutive losses until the match against SSG in Jamsil on the 21st, but it remains unchanged that he is the strongest candidate to win the pennant race.

LG has been all-in on winning the Korean Series since the past 1-2 years. The former coach took off his clothes as he could not put the team on the Korean Series. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop also has a firm goal and will to lead the team to win the Korean Series by at least next year, not the contract period of 3 years.

Unlike his son, his father has a lot of experience winning the Korean series. This is because he was the protagonist of V9 during the Haitai Dynasty. He tasted the Korean Series victory as a Haitai player in 1993 and 1996-1997, and also experienced the KIA’s Korean Series victory in 2009, the last year of his active career. He retired before the 2012 season, and after transforming into a leader, he has no winning experience. This season is a great opportunity to win the first championship in the leader’s career.

The son’s desire to win is probably greater than the father’s. However, baseball and life do not go their own way. Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo’s father and son could clearly have mixed joys and sorrows this fall.

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