Moon Dong-joo’s choice? Hanwha Championship vs. AG Gold Medal

“I will make a big deal out of that friend.” Reporters unanimously say that this player has star qualities such as skill, personality, and warm appearance. Moon Dong-ju is the ‘trend’.

Moon Dong-ju (20), who wore a Hanwha uniform last year, drew attention as a ‘monster rookie’ who used fastballs of over 150 km/h since high school. Now, in his second year as a pro, he drew attention with his highest speed of 160.1 km, and is considered a strong candidate for the rookie of the year thanks to his control.메이저사이트

The secret to fastball is balance. Moon Dong-joo was active as an infielder before turning to pitcher in his freshman year of high school. He’s been on the mound for just five years. What is the secret of Moon Dong-ju, who became a ‘fire bowler’ in a short period of time? In an interview with Sporty News, Moon Dong-ju said, “It’s hard to pinpoint one secret. I think the pitching form, strength, and throwing timing should be well balanced. I think that balance fits well.” He showed his confidence with a playful frankness like any twenty-year-old.

No. 1 Moon Dong-ju, perfectly dyed orange. He is called the ‘Prince of Daejeon’ and is highly anticipated by Hanwha fans and the club. You can tell at a glance just by looking at Moon Dong-ju’s uniform number. It is very unusual for a rookie to wear number 1. In baseball, the number 1 symbolizes an ace, because it is a number that is rarely empty. “When I first joined the team, I didn’t think I would be able to wear the number 1, but luckily the club gave me the number 1 and I’m using it well. I think it has a lot of weight,” he said.

Moon Dong-ju also proved that he is a pitcher responsible for the future of Korean baseball by boarding the baseball team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Moon Dong-ju has vaguely dreamed of being a ‘national representative’ since he was young, and is honored to be able to achieve this through baseball. His father, a former national hammer thrower, also contributed to his becoming a national team pitcher. “My father went to the Asian Games when he was young. I grew up watching him, and I had a dream of becoming a person representing the country like my father one day. It’s the same.”

Moon Dong-ju is a mature and dignified character. A lot of attention can be poisonous to a young player, but Moon Dong-ju is full of gratitude and passion. “I am receiving a lot of attention and good treatment from Hanwha. I don’t think I would have received this much if it wasn’t for our team. The club thinks of me a lot and takes care of me. Thank you very much. I think you will help me achieve my dream.” expressed love for

“I will do my best!” Lastly, he said to the fans, “Thank you so much for cheering me on. There were some disappointing and good performances in the first half, but I will prepare better and reduce the ups and downs in the second half.”

▲ Moon Dong-ju during an interview with Spotify News

‘Reversal’ Moon Dong-joo picked his own charm point. It’s that the appearance when you get on the mound and when you come down are different. It is said that he often hears “How do you deal with batters?” from acquaintances who have not seen the ‘great reversal’ in which he throws a fastball with a benign face and turns batters around.

Moon Dong-ju is called ‘fool’ by his acquaintances. He revealed that it contains two meanings: ‘Impossible’ and ‘Idiot who only knows baseball’. This is the part that makes perfect sense. During the interview, there is a point that makes you ‘eat’ while giving answers like baseball’s standard.

Meanwhile, Moon Dong-ju’s autographed ball event will be held from August 6th to 12th. After watching ‘About Time Moon Dong-ju’ on the Spotime channel, if Dong-ju Moon’s MBTI is correct, 3 people will be given ‘Moon Dong-ju autographed ball’ through a lottery. For more information, you can check it out on the Sporty News channel.

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