Messi to return to Saudi Arabia after leaving without permission after one match

 Lionel Messi (36, PSG) returns from disciplinary action.카지노사이트

Messi left for Saudi Arabia without PSG’s permission after losing 1-3 in the league match against Lorient on the 1st. Messi, a Saudi tourism ambassador, is known to have been involved in related activities. Some predicted that Messi might have made up his mind to advance to the Saudi league.

PSG issued a two-week ban on Messi for unauthorized departure. Messi apologized to his teammates. I am waiting for what the club wants from me.” Messi returned to training on the 8th, but missed the

match against Trois. The coach said, “Messi will play tomorrow. I talked to Messi on Tuesday and decided to play. Messi is hungry for a championship.

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