‘Madam of the house’ who changed the team Choi Jae-hoon and Kim Tae-gun… Baseball is a game of catcher

In the first half of professional baseball, which is flowing towards the end, Hanwha and KIA, which are on the rise, are shaking the middle-ranking game.온라인카지노
The keyword that penetrates both teams is the great performance of the main catchers, who are the masters of the home
It was a home run that brought victory early in the game.

Hanwha Choi Jae-hoon hits the left pole by hitting the falling curve.

Choi Jae-hoon’s trademark is a pioneering ball that boasts the highest level in the league, but recently, the water has risen to the sense of hitting.

In July alone, he led the team with a batting average of 0.550 and two final hits.

 “There is a part where pitchers have a hard time if they save the stolen base, so I thought I would catch it somehow…”

It was catcher Kim Tae-gun who revitalized KIA, which was in a slump.

KIA has been on a 5-game winning streak since the day they traded Kim Tae-gun from Samsung.

Kim Tae-gun gives pitchers a sense of stability with his perfect catch, and at the same time gives weight to the KIA’s catcher batting order, which had the lowest offensive power.

 “What I have to do is to take care of the young pitchers and the young players in the infield and do (together)…”

Housewives, who are a guarantee of victory, say that baseball is not a pitcher game, but a catcher game.

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