‘Lemar’s first goal → Griezmann hit the goalpost’ AT Madrid, ‘Lee Chang-geun’s show’ Team K-League 1-0 lead (first half finished) 

AT Madrid finished the first half with a 1-0 lead over Team K-League.

Team K-League led by coach Hong Myung-bo and Atletico Madrid (AT Madrid) led by coach Diego Simeone are playing the first leg of the Coupang Play Series at 8:00 pm on the 27th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. AT Madrid leads 1-0 thanks to Lemar’s opening goal in the 13th minute of the first half.

Team K-League came out with a 4-3-3 formation. Lee Chang-geun (Daejeon Hana Citizen) kept the goal. Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung), Jung Tae-wook (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Kim Young-kwon, and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) made up the four-back. Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), Han Young-young (Gangwon FC), and Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon) formed the midfield, and Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC), Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), and Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul) formed the three-top team.바카라사이트

Lemar scored the opening goal for his team in the 13th minute of the first half. Photo (Sangam, Seoul) = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan

AT Madrid came out with a 3-5-2 formation. Ivo Grvic kept the goal. Mario Hermoso, Stefan Savic and Axel Witzel formed the back three. Samuel Linu and Cesar Azpilicueta were both full-backs. Koke, Rodrigo DePaul and Tomar Lemar formed the midfield and Antoine Griezmann and Alvaro Morata formed the two tops.

From the beginning of the first half, AT Madrid put pressure on Team K-League with DePaol’s surprise mid-range shot. Then, Team K-League also put pressure on the opponent’s goal through Ju Min-gyu’s shot inside the penalty box in the 4th minute. At Madrid, Morata scored a goal in the 6th minute through brilliant pass play, but it was regrettable with an offside decision.

After a brief lull, Joo Min-gyu, who received Lee Ki-je’s pass, attempted a left-footed shot, but the defense was hit and went off.

AT Madrid scored the first goal. Team K-League players missed breathing in the midfield, and did not miss it. Griezmann, who received Lemar’s pass, attempted a shot. Lee Chang-geun blocked the ball, but Lemar calmly put the ball in with his left foot, giving AT Madrid the first point.

In the 15th minute of the first half, Lee Seung-woo, who received a pass from Kim Young-kwon, aimed for a shot in Team K-League, but failed to score. However, AT Madrid also continued to aim for the goal. In the 19th minute of the first half, Linu, who received a brilliant pass from Griezmann, fired a sensational shot, but was blocked by Lee Chang-geun’s save. Even in the corner kick situation, Morata’s header was blocked by Lee Chang-geun’s save. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Morata’s left-footed shot opened the goal again, but it was caught offside.

In the Team K-League, Lee Chang-geun’s saving show shone. Photo = Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation
In the 24th minute of the first half, Griezmann fired a shot to the right of the goal. However, it hit the goal and came out unfortunately. AT Madrid continued to aim for the team K-League goal, but Lee Chang-geun’s save prevented it. Savich’s consecutive header shots were blocked by Lee Chang-geun’s save.

AT Madrid recorded 7 effective shots in the first half alone, but only one goal was scored. All were blocked by Lee Chang-geun’s save.

In the 44th minute of the first half, Team K-League Lee Seung-woo’s shot hit the side net, leaving regret. Three minutes of extra time were awarded in the first half, and neither team scored.

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