Lee Kyung-hoon, ‘Daily Best’ Maengta… 18th jump

In the second round of the most prestigious Masters Golf, Lee Kyung-hoon recorded a 5-under-par ‘Daily Best’ and significantly improved the rankings. .

Lee Kyung-hoon, who had difficulties with the glass bead green on the first day, changed dramatically in the second round. 먹튀검증

As the accuracy of iron shots and putts increased, he showed an unstoppable birdie streak.

He cut 5 strokes to record a ‘daily best’ in the second round, tying for 18th at 3 under par, the highest ranking among Korean players.

Nearly half of the players did not finish the second round as the game was stopped due to strong winds blowing down trees in the afternoon.

Brooks Koepka of Liv Golf took the sole lead with a 12-under par, three strokes ahead of PGA Tour player Jon Lam.

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