Lee Do-gyeom, ONE debut victory at Brazilian Muay Thai Champion

Lee Do-gyeom (33) showed his skills worthy of being a two-team mixed martial arts champion in the first match of the ONE Championship, Asia’s largest team.

ONE Friday Fights 12 was held on the 7th at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand (capacity: 5,000). Lee Do-gyeom won a mixed martial arts featherweight match with Gillermi Antunes (29, Brazil) by punch TKO in 3 minutes and 23 seconds of the second round.

ONE Friday Fights is a brand launched by One Championship in Thailand in January 2023. On Fridays, competitions featuring kickboxing and mixed martial arts, centering on Muay Thai, the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, are being presented.

Lee Do-gyeom is a mixed martial artist who won the 2016 URCC (Philippines) and 2020 UAE Warriors (United Arab Emirates) champions. However, fighting against Brazilian Muay Thai champion Antunes was not easy.

One Championship’s official website said, “Lee Do-gyeom overcame the crisis at the beginning of the game. He not only survived the dreaded Antunes, but rather won by TKO,” he reviewed the match between the two.

In mixed martial arts, which debuted in 2019, Antunes also earned a chance to advance to the One Championship by winning five consecutive victories in his debut. Confidence that does not know defeat, like a Muay Thai strongman, he drove Lee Do-gyeom into a corner with a devastating attack boasting a KO win rate of 80% (4/5). 스포츠토토

The One Championship homepage said, “The durability that endured the blows was the driving force behind the victory. Do-gyeom Lee, who withstood the attack that Antunes poured out with his elbows and knees for nearly 7 minutes, turned the game around with three right-handed shots.”

Lee Do-gyeom’s KO win rate in mixed martial arts rose from 62.5% (5/8) to 66.7% (6/9). Not as much as Antunes, but he was basically a one-shot player, so he was able to come from behind to win.

When Antunes fell to the corner of the ring after being hit repeatedly, the One Championship referee stopped further attacks by Do-gyeom Lee and ended the match. Lee Do-gyeom, who had only one win by decision, and Antunes, who had no victory at all, produced a hot mixed martial arts showdown that lived up to expectations.

In addition to the two team champions, Lee Do-gyeom has built a notable career, including the AFC (Korea) title match in 2019 and the Professional Fighters League (USA) in 2022. This is why attention is focused on how he will perform at the One Championship in the future.

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