Larger base and check restrictions… Kim Ha-seong enters the ‘era of stolen bases’

Change was used as an opportunity. Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) jumped into the ‘era of stolen bases.’메이저사이트

Ha-seong Kim succeeded in his fourth multi-steal of the season against the San Francisco Giants on the 4th (Korean time). He stole a base in the 4th inning following the 1st inning, increasing his number of stolen bases for the season to 31 (8 missed). Ha-seong Kim is the first Korean major leaguer to steal 30 bases in a single season. The previous single-season record was 22, achieved by Choo Shin-soo (now SSG Landers) with the Cleveland Indians in 2010.

Ha-Seong Kim’s stolen bases in 2021 were 6 (1 failure). Last year, in his second year in the Major League Baseball (MLB), he stole 12 bases (2 missed). He doubled compared to the previous year, but it was not a significant level.

This year is different. Stealing attempts have increased noticeably. He played more than the previous two seasons combined. According to Baseball Savant, an MLB statistics site, Ha-seong Kim’s sprint speed remains at 28.4 to 28.5 feet (8.65 to 8.69 m) per second after entering the MLB. The reason for the increase in stolen bases, despite not improving the team’s ability, is the revision of MLB rules.

Starting this season, MLB expanded the base size from 15 inches (38.1 cm) square to 18 inches (45.72 cm) square. Accordingly, the distance between 1st and 3rd base and home plate was shortened by about 3 inches (7.62 cm), and the distance between 2nd base and 1st and 3rd base was shortened by about 4.5 inches (11.43 cm). Limiting the pitcher’s actions of checking runners or taking their feet off the pitcher’s plate to two times per at-bat also made it easier for runners to attempt to steal bases. Stealing bases was encouraged at the league level, and Ha-seong Kim also actively engages in base running as the times go by.

MBC Sports Plus commentator Song Jae-woo, an MLB expert, said, “With the exception of a few players, MLB pitchers’ ability to keep in check is worse than that of KBO League players. This is especially true for bullpen pitchers, including closing pitchers.” “I don’t check it when it’s not the right time. In the U.S., running 27 feet (8.23 m) per second is average. Kim Ha-seong’s speed is in the upper-middle range, and after playing for about three years, he seems to understand the habits of opposing pitchers well,” he said. .

MLB is truly in the ‘era of stolen bases.’ The number of teams with more than 100 stolen bases increased from 8 last year to 13 this year. Considering the remaining schedule, it is expected that more than 20 teams will record triple-digit steals. Last July, Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves) conquered 50 stolen bases in a season for the first time in six years since Dee Strange-Gordon (then Miami Marlins, 60) and Billy Hamilton (then Cincinnati Reds, 59) in 2017. Acuna Jr. increased his season stolen bases to 63 and solidified his title as the stolen base king.

Kim Ha-seong’s stolen bases are a weapon that further increases a player’s value. Commissioner Song Jae-woo said, “He is often good at offense and defense, but he also steals bases, so he is a player with all three skills.” He added, “(Kim Ha-seong) is not old, so it will have an impact (on future contracts). His price will rise significantly.” predicted.

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