Kyonggi University housekeeper Ji Geon-woo’s promise “We will overcome difficult matches well”

“I will become a player who can help the team.”

In the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at Suwon Kyonggi University Gymnasium on the 10th, Kyonggi University won Sungkyunkwan University with a set score of 3-1 (25-19, 25-27, 25-16, 25-20).

In Kyonggi University, Lee Yoon-soo (2nd grade, OH, 199cm) scored 30 points and delivered a powerful blow. Ji Geon-woo (3rd grade, OH, 185cm), who followed up with 14 points, cannot be left out. Ji Gun-woo played the role of a housekeeper by showing an even performance in attack (attack success rate 55%) and defense (receive efficiency 42%). 

“It was a tough game. Still, he feels better because he won at home. A lot of fans came to the game after a long time, which gave me more energy.”

He continued his winning streak by winning the last two matches, but Ji Gun-woo was not satisfied. During the month-long break, he devoted himself to training more than anyone else. He said, “I couldn’t help the team in the previous two games. So he thought ‘I have to sacrifice for the team’ rather than ‘Let’s do well’ and he entered the game. I’m glad it seems to have come out to some extent,” he nodded his head.

Ji Kun-woo endured 33 target hits, the most on the team in this match. Efficiency was also maintained at 42%. In response, Ji Gun-woo said, “He worked hard on weight training, but he tried hard not to lose his sense of ball.”

He played his part in defense as well as attack. In the second set, which was dragged to Sungkyunkwan University, Ji Gun-woo scored 9 points and took charge of one side with an attacking bow. Then, at an important moment, he burst into two blocks to bring the flow.

Ji Gun-woo shouted “fighting” louder than anyone else and ran across the court. I could often see him encouraging the players like he was in his senior year. Thanks to his performance, the competition team regained their vigor. Ji Geon-woo laughed and said, “Compared to last season, the team’s overall fighting has decreased, but we are trying to fill that part with concentration. Fighting, I just need to shout more,” he said, showing a sense of responsibility.카지노사이트

He is on a three-game winning streak, but he clearly had things to improve on for the rest of the season. Ji Kun-woo picked receiving as a point to improve. He too was good at receiving his opponent’s many targeted serves, but there were times when he faltered. Ji Gun-woo said, “Our team needs stability in receiving. Even when you are winning, there are times when you suddenly shake and score consecutively. I want to focus on complementing that part.”

The competition team boasts a more solid appearance than last season. Ji Gun-woo said, “My goal is to win the championship. There will be many difficult matches, but I will show you how to overcome them well. I ask for your support until the victory,” he concluded the interview.

Ji Geon-wu patted the coat showing his eight-tone charm. As per his wish, Gyeonggi University continues its 4-game winning streak toward the champion

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