KT frustrated with player injury, Park Byeong-ho returns to first-team entry

“I think I only briefed (related to injured players) for a month.” I’m laughing, but my insides are burning.

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-chul is like that. In KT, after the opening of this season, only players are injured. Doesn’t discriminate between main and backup.

It’s the same with the fielder and the mound. Injury cannot be an excuse, but the team’s performance is not good because of the line injury. Although they ended their 9-game losing streak, KT suffered another 6-game losing streak.

In the midst of this, on the 12th, we will meet the Lotte Giants, who are on the rise with two consecutive wins, while reaping a winning series against the Doosan Bears in three consecutive home matches during the week. It is the opponent of 3 home games on the weekend.

Still, coach Lee is pinning his hopes on the return of injured players. He said at a meeting with reporters who visited the site prior to the Lotte game that day, “I heard that Min-hyeok Kim (outfielder) will have a recovery period of about a week.” do,” he said.

Kim Min-hyeok suffered a fracture in his left hand and Bae Jung-dae suffered a fracture in his left hand. Even on the mound, there are players waiting for a comeback.

Sovereignty is Coach Lee said, “(Sovereign) took the mound today (12th) in the Futures game,” and said, “I received a report that the speed of the fastball reached 140 km.”안전놀이터

The KT Futures team played against the Hanwha Eagles at Seosan Stadium that day. He also commented on another pitcher, Jeonju Joo.

Director Lee said, “Jeon Yong-joo said that his fastball was 144 km and his slider velocity was about 130 km.” “he said.

Jeon Yong-joo left Ansan Technical High School as a lefty and joined KT as the first nomination in 2019. He has yet to rise above the first team mound. He pitched 4.1 innings in four games in the Futures League after opening this season and has an earned run average of zero.

There is still good news for coach Lee and the team, who are struggling with player injuries. Veteran Park Byeong-ho returned to the first team entry that day.

Coach Lee said, “Park Byung-ho was about 80% compared to his normal condition, so I raised him (to the 1st team).” is expected to serve as a pinch hitter in the third game this weekend.”

Park Byeong-ho played in 22 games this season before his injury, recording a batting average of .269 (21 hits in 78 at-bats), 2 homers, 14 RBIs and 1 stolen base.

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