Korean rugby standing army wins first ever in ‘Sevens Challenger Series’

The Korean national rugby team, Sangbigun, participated in the ‘World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series 2023’ and won its first ever victory after 9 consecutive losses.

The national team defeated Jamaica 12-5 in the 11th place match of the ‘World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series 2023’ held in Stellenbosch, South Africa on the 22nd (local time). 카지노사이트

The national team gave up a try in the 3rd minute of the game and was dragged away. However, taking advantage of two Jamaican players missing due to foul play, Kim Eui-tae (Army Sports Corps) tied the score with a try right before halftime ended, and Jang Hyeon-goo (Kyunghee University) succeeded in a conversion kick to turn the game around to 7-5. After a fierce battle throughout the second half, Kim Jae-won (Army Sports Corps) succeeded in a try right before the end of the game, and the national team tied the score at 12-5.

The national team, which participated in the Challenger Series for the first time last year and recorded a total of 5 losses, was thrilled with its first win after 9 consecutive losses.

Choi Yoon, president of the Korea Rugby Association, said, “I am delighted that the team announced its first victory in the Challenger Series and that the system is bearing fruit for the development of Korean rugby.” I applaud you,” he said.

The ‘World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series’ is a two-part tournament held for the first time in 2020. The winning team is given the right to participate in the World Rugby Sevens Series, which is equivalent to the first division. In the second tournament held from the 28th to the 30th, Korea was placed in Group B along with Germany, Uganda and Brazil.

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