Kiwoom Dawson ahead of his debut in the KBO League “Rex Martin Luchinski advises”

Ronnie Dawson (outfielder), wearing the Kiwoom Heroes uniform in place of Edison Russell, will make his KBO League debut. Dawson was named to the first team on the second day of the weekend three-game series against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium on the 22nd.바카라사이트

He entered the starting lineup on the day of registration for the first team entry. He was placed in left field and batting order 4th. From the standpoint of Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki and the club, what they want from Dawson is simple.

It’s something that gives strength to the team lineup. Kiwoom lost 0-2 in a confrontation with Lotte held at the same place the day before (21st) and fell into an 8-game losing streak. I couldn’t laugh at the start of the second half schedule.

Kiwoom Heroes’ new foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson poses during an interview with reporters after completing training before an away game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium on the 22nd. [Photo = Reporter Hanjun Ryu]

Coach Hong said at a meeting with reporters on the spot ahead of the Lotte game that day, “There were too many residual bases in yesterday’s (21st) game.” Kiwoom had one more hit than Lotte and had many chances to score runs, but he had 10 left bases (Lotte’s last bases were 3).

Coach Hong emphasized, “We were scoreless in two consecutive games, including the last game in the first half,” and “we have to solve it in the center of the batting line.” This is why Dawson was placed at number 4.

“He knows what Hong wants from the team and from the team,” Dawson told reporters on the field after training. Dawson and coach Hong had a conversation before coming to the stadium that day.

“The most important thing is to win the game,” said Dawson. “Coach Hong told me not to play too ahead of my will, and I know what that means. I joined right in the middle of the season, and I’m trying to play a role in lubricating the team rather than leading it to victory by doing well.”

He also mentioned the advantages, “I can send the ball to the left and right middle, and above all, I am confident in defense. I try to keep the ball behind me as much as possible.” Dawson did not come for relatively large sums of money.

He emphasized, “I decided that playing in the KBO league was another good experience for me. Once again, I am grateful to the club for giving me the opportunity.”

Dawson also cited the people he received advice and help in deciding to go to Korea. Although he was replaced by Nico Goodrum due to an injury, Jack Rex (former Lotte Giants), Jason Martin, who plays for the NC Dinos, and Drew Luczynski (now Oakland Athletics), who has been a strong starter for a long time in NC, are the main characters.

In particular, Luchinski and Dawson have a relationship as they are seniors and juniors at the same school (Ohio University). Dawson said, “Because Luchinski is older than me, he went to school first.”

He said, “The basic goal is for the team to do well. I don’t want to express my personal goal in numbers. It’s to do my best.” Dawson laughed, saying, “I came from Japan yesterday (21st), and I don’t know if I’m tired yet. But more than anything, I want to use chopsticks better.”

He added, “When I was in the US, I ate Korean food often. Bulgogi was really delicious, so I remember it. I’m familiar with Korean food.” Meanwhile, the club canceled Park Soo-jong (outfielder) from the entry while registering Dawson in the first team.

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