‘Key infielder rising’ LG Moon Bo-kyung “All game trips? I want to go out as much as possible”

“I want to play baseball until the end.”

LG Twins infielder Moon Bo-kyung (23) showed no signs of getting tired. He has digested 100% of the regular season this year without any special breaks, but he still burns his fighting spirit, saying, “If I can, I want to go out as much as possible.”메이저사이트

Moon Bo-kyung is an infielder born in 2000 wearing an LG uniform with the 25th overall pick in the 2nd 3rd round of the 2019 rookie draft. Since last year, he has completely taken off his prospect tee, and has firmly established himself as a key third baseman who firmly guards LG’s hot corner.

Moon Bo-kyung is the only player with Park Hae-min on the team this season to continue the record of ‘all-game appearances’. He was also named in the starting lineup for the away game against the Samsung Lions held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 15th, and he attended 99 games of the team this season.

Until the 14th, his performance was a batting average of 0.290, 6 homers, 54 RBIs, 59 runs, and a slugging percentage of 0.425. Moon Bo-kyung’s greatest strength is that he doesn’t choose any batting order, but this year he played the role of a link in the mid-lower batting order. With his steady sense of hitting and iron man-like stamina, he is adding great strength to LG’s solo lead run.

Moon Bo-kyung said, “It’s so good that he goes to the game a lot. He wants to go out a lot, but he can’t go out. Isn’t he a professional player? He looks like he could play in 144 games with his current condition. He wants to get out as much as he can until he can get out.”

Along with participating in all games, he is also following his individual performance, but the point he is most delighted with this season is by far the team performance. Moon Bo-kyung said, “Whether I do well or not, if the team performs well, that alone is great. I think the team performance is always the top priority, but I want to make a big contribution in any form this year.”

Coincidentally, Moon Bo-kyung is continuing his best performance at the third baseman position with Roh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, who was born in 2000 this year. Moon Bo-kyung said, “(Roh) Si-hwan and I talk a lot when we meet before the game.” “(Roh) Si-hwan and I are players with different styles. Rather than worrying about my opponent, I try to focus on what I can do well as much as possible. It seems that each has its own strengths,” he said.

Although the team is leading the team alone, he did not make hasty decisions. Moon Bo-kyung said, “The fall baseball has not been confirmed yet. Even if we are in first place, now is the time to focus only on the game. After finishing the regular season well, I will think about fall baseball. I want to prepare well and play baseball until the end.”

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