Kane, Hoivier also ‘Escape from Tottenham’ is difficult… Strong Levy, “Sell NO! Recruit substitutes first”

Tottenham does not intend to easily send Pierre Emile Hoivier (27).

Tottenham, under new manager Ange Postecoglu, are strengthening their squad through signing players. They recruited Manor Solomon, James Madison, and Guliemo Vicario. Mickey van der Ven (Wolfsburg) and Alejo Bellis (Rosario Central) are also on the verge of joining.메이저사이트

There are also players leaving. Hoivier, the reliable midfielder, is expected to leave the team. Britain’s ’90min’ said, “Tottenham is discussing the transfer fee between Atletico Madurid and Hoivier. Atlético are considering Hoi Vie as their number one target.”

Hoivier wore a Tottenham uniform for a transfer fee of 15 million pounds (about 25 billion won) in the 2020-21 season. Hoivier has established himself as a reliable man in Tottenham’s midfield with his unique sincere play. Until this season, he boasted the appearance of a steel king by digesting more than 35 games in the league for three consecutive seasons.

However, after taking the baton of coach Postecoglu, the red flag of the main competition was turned on. Coach Postecoglu wants to play with the ball in the midfield, but Hoivier lacks ball handling skills and passing skills compared to the defense.

As a result, many British media predicted that Yves Bisuma and Giovanni Lo Celso would replace Hojbjerg as the starting lineup. Naturally, the possibility of Hoivier leaving the team was conveyed, and Atletico appeared as a new destination.

However, Tottenham has no intention of easily allowing Hoibier’s transfer. The British ‘Football Insider’ reported on the 6th (Korean time) that “Tottenham will not allow Hoiber’s transfer until a replacement is found.” Even if Hoivier wants it, there is a possibility that the transfer will not be completed if a suitable alternative does not arise.

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