Jung Hae-young set a bold goal for ‘the youngest 100 saves + career high’ “I will make a definite decision

Jung Hae-young departed through Incheon International Airport on the 30th to participate in the Arizona spring camp in the United States. Jung Hae-young, who is entering his fourth season this year, is aiming for a career high this 먹튀검증 season.

Jung Hae-young, who recorded 166 KBO league games (159⅔ innings), 3 wins, 7 losses, 11 holds, 67 saves, and an average ERA of 2.87, is challenging Lim Chang-yong’s youngest record of 100 saves (23 years, 10 months, 10 days). If he makes 33 or more saves this season, he will become the youngest player to reach 100 saves.

Jung Hae-young said, “Of course, I have a desire to take on a challenge. He does, but he tries to keep my pace as much as possible. Of course, it would be great if we set a record, but we have next year anyway. First of all, I want to finish the season without getting hurt.”

Jung Hae-young, who performed slightly lower than last season (32 saves, ERA 3.38) and the best 2021 season (34 saves, ERA 2.20), said, “I think I will have to make a clear decision this year. I think it will be easier to fight hitters if I make the pitches I am currently throwing more accurate and better. In this camp, of course, we will practice a lot of fastballs, but we will focus on breaking balls. I am thinking of throwing the slider and fork more perfectly,” he said of the spring camp plan.

KIA finished 5th in the league last season, and fall baseball ended in one wild card game. Jung Hae-young said, “It’s unfortunate, but I experienced fall baseball once. I hope to start from a higher place this year. Personally, I want to break the record for the most saves in my career. I set a goal of 35 saves. If I make 35 saves, I think the team will be able to go to a higher place.”

Jeong Hae-young, who was not selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March, said, “It’s a pity, but I can’t help it. I missed a lot. My older brothers and seniors who were selected for the national team are much better players than me. I just have to admit it. I think I need to work harder. The Asian Games national team also has greed. If you are too conscious, you may come out with an overface. If I work hard without getting hurt, I think the record will follow.”

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