Jin Woo-young, ‘from the minors’, rookie draft ‘dark horse’

In the professional baseball rookie draft next month, a dark horse has emerged that attracts the attention of clubs.메이저사이트

Reporter Jeon Young-min introduces pitcher Jin Woo-young, who returned from the minor leagues and is knocking on the door of the KBO league.

Jin Woo-young, 22 years old this year, caught the eyes of pro scouts at once at the ‘KBO Dream Cup’, a competition for independent clubs held last June.

He showed overwhelming pitching with his fastball approaching 150 km/h and his main weapon, the dripping splitter, and was evaluated as being able to be nominated in the middle and upper ranks in the rookie draft next month.

[Jin Woo-young/Paju Challengers Pitcher: I had doubts about whether I could do well in Korean baseball, but it became an opportunity for me to do it with confidence. ]

Jin Woo-young, who moved to the United States after signing a contract with Kansas City four years ago, started throwing a new splitter in his first season in the minor leagues. became a promising player.

[I was looking for a splitter grip while watching Ohtani’s video, and I found my own grip again. It seems to have been highly evaluated because it is a pitch that is too good to deal with hitters.]

However, when the minor leagues were closed in the aftermath of Corona 19, and training was difficult, Jin Woo-young returned to Korea and completed military service.

And this year, I started throwing the ball again at an independent club, and I am quickly recovering my pitch and making my dream of entering the KBO League a reality.

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