Jeong Seon-woo of Baekam Middle School, Sports Venue Changsa Ssireum Middle School Class Season V3

‘Boy trader’ Jeong Seon-woo (Yongin Baekam Middle School) won the first-year trade title in the middle school trader class (under 130kg) at the 1st Korea Sports Council’s national business wrestling competition.

On the last day of the competition, which continued at Dahyang Gymnasium in Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 6th, Chung Seon-woo, a promising heavyweight, won Cho Seon-ho (Gimhae Sineo Middle School) on the sand by grabbing and shoving him down in the middle school class finals, winning 2-0 and ascending to the top.스포츠토토

Following the President’s Day Competition in March and the Jeungpyeong Ginseng Cup Competition in April, he won the championship for three consecutive months and stood tall as the strongest in the business class.

In the previous semi-final match, Jung Seon-woo dismissed Kim Chae-hyeok (Gwangju Yongbong Middle School) 2-0 and advanced to the final, while Cho Seon-ho defeated Kwon Min-seo (Daegu Youngshin Middle School) 2-1 to advance to the final.

Meanwhile, Kang Byeong-hyeon (Incheon Bupyeong Middle School), who made it to the finals of the middle school division’s warrior class (under 80kg), allowed Jung Chan-min (Gurye Middle School) to push and flip, losing 0-2 and finishing runner-up.

Gyeongjang level (under 60kg) Oh Yun-ho (Bupyeong Middle School) and Kim Min-ha (Baekam Middle School), Yongjang level (under 75kg) Byeon Jae-woo (Bupyeong Middle School) lost in the quarterfinals and tied for 3rd place.

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