Jeong Chan-heon’s shock, which he believed, was sluggish, 4 innings and 6 runs lost… Kiwoom, failed to escape 3 consecutive losses

 Kiwoom Heroes Jeong Chan-heon (33) pitched the worst this season. 

Jeong Chan-heon started the match against Doosan Bears in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 17th and recorded a loss in 4 innings, 5 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 1 ball and 6 runs. 

Jung Chan-heon, who was hit with a double by Park Gye-beom in the first inning, sent Kim Jae-hwan out for a walk, putting him in a crisis with two outs on first and second base. Yang Seok-Hwan gave up the first run with a 2-RBI double, and after sending Jose Rojas out for a walk, Heo Kyung-Min hit 2 RBIs and a double, widening the score to 0-4. 

Jeong Chan-heon, who recorded a three-way offense in the second inning, sent out lead hitter Yang Eui-ji with a double in the third inning, with Kiwoom pursuing 3-4, and allowed Kim Jae-hwan a two-run home run. After that, Yang Seok-hwan, Lohas, and Heo Kyung-min were all treated as criminal hits, and in the 4th inning, Yang Chan-yeol, Lee Yu-chan, and Jeong Soo-bin were all caught, recording 6 batters in a row. 

Jeong Chan-heon, who recorded 68 pitches, was replaced by Ha Young-min in the 5th inning, where Kiwoom was losing 5-6, and finished the mound that day. Kiwoom failed to overcome the large number of runs in the early stages and lost 6-9, falling into a three-game losing streak. 토토사이트

Jeong Chan-heon, who had not been able to find a team for a long time in the free agent market, finally found a team after the demonstration game was over, signing a two-year, 860 million won contract with Kiwoom. Because of this, the preparation for the season was delayed, but Jang Jae-young and Lee Seung-ho fell into sluggishness, and they got the start sooner than expected. 

Jeong Chan-heon, who played his part by recording 2 runs in 12 innings in the first 2 games, collapsed with a large number of runs that day and went down the mound for the first time without even throwing 5 innings. His earned run average soared from 1.50 to 4.50 in an instant. 

Jeong Chan-heon, whom he believed in, collapsed from the beginning of the game, but his Kiwoom could not end the losing streak. Doosan starting pitcher Lee Won-jae, who made his first-team debut that day, recorded 3 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks in 1 inning and went down the mound early, so the sluggish performance of Jeong Chan-heon is all the more regrettable. 

On the 18th, Ace Ahn Woo-jin will start as a starting pitcher for Kiwoom. Can Ahn Woo-jin, who has not won in the last 3 games, win a victory after a long time and save the team from a losing streak in place of Jung Chan-heon? 

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