Jangchung High School, which produced 7 new pros, will continue its presidential challenge next year.

The expression ‘the king of martial arts’ itself is so embarrassing.”

After the 2024 rookie draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on the 14th, Jangchung High School coach Song Min-soo let out a sigh full of relief and regret. Although he was widely recognized as the favorite to win the national competition, he failed to lift a single trophy. It was quite similar to 2010, when Deoksu High School, which had built up considerable power with the duo of Kim Jin-young (formerly Hanwha) and Han Seung-hyuk (Hanwha), remained the king of the greatest martial arts teams.메이저놀이터

Coach Song Min-soo’s sincerity was, “It’s the coach’s fault. The players did their best. Expectations were high when they heard the words ‘Five Eagle Brothers,’ but at the same time, there was a lot of pressure. We will improve our strength and do our best next year.” Meanwhile, he was also encouraged by the fact that seven of his students wore professional uniforms despite being unofficial.

Initially, prior to nomination, Director Song predicted, “I think there will be at least 6 people and up to 8 people.” With all five of Jangchung’s Eagle brothers expected to succeed in entering the professional ranks, at least one, or as many as three, of the hitters had the potential to enter the professional ranks. And this prediction became a reality as as many as seven Jangchung High School players were selected as pros. Among this year’s draft applicants, when classified by school, the number of players expected to graduate from Jangchung High School is the largest at 7.

As many as three people were called in the first round alone. Including No. 1 overall player Hwang Jun-seo (Hanwha), Yook Seon-yeop (Samsung), and Kim Yun-ha (Kiwoom) were selected early. Jangsan left-hander Cho Dong-wook (Hanwha) was also called for the first time in the second round, and sidearm Won Jong-hae (NC) was also called in the 7th round, so all five Eagles brothers succeeded in entering the professional ranks. Regarding this, coach Song Min-soo expressed his expectations, saying, “We have produced many first-rounders, but this year is the first time we have received first-rounders. Seeing this, I hope that many middle school prospects will come to our school.”

All pitchers were nominated as expected. The key was the batters. While catcher Ryu Hyun-jun (Doosan), who plays No. 4, was expected to be nominated at least in the lower rounds, manager Song Min-soo secretly hoped that Kwon Hyun (Hanwha) and infielder Kim Jae-ik would also be nominated. As a result, Ryu Hyun-jun and Kwon Hyun were both selected in the 10th round, and unfortunately, leadoff Kim Jae-ik was not selected. It was clearly a result that exceeded expectations, but Director Song was the first to express his disappointment about the student who was not nominated.

“Seven people were sent quite a lot. However, (Kim) Jae-ik will also grow well if he uses it well in the pros. I was hoping to see who would be selected in the last round, but it was disappointing. If he goes to college and sharpens himself a little more, he will be able to get 2 “I will be able to aim for the early draft during my senior year.”

Meanwhile, he announced that he would build more impact to challenge for the presidency next year. The will to show through actions, not words. Accordingly, ace Kim Jae-won and shortstop Jiyohan were selected as the key men of Jangchung High School next year. With these two at the center, we are determined to showcase baseball with organizational skills next year.

Jang Chung-go, who remained the king of military affairs, still did not give up his challenge for the presidency. He may actually do better in the absence of the five Eagle brothers. Because that is high school baseball. Like professional baseball, it is also a space where objective power is largely meaningless.

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