Is it a problem because the chairman is a foreigner? Paralysis of the ‘bridesmaid fall’ committee function is more ‘dangerous’

 It is a return to the past without a system.

The appointment of Michael Muller, a foreigner, as the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee of the Korea Football Association is controversial due to former Vietnam national soccer team coach Park Hang-seo’s remarks. Director Park said, “I know that the head of the Power Reinforcement Committee is German, but I have a question.” Can we accurately evaluate just because we collect data? He said, “When the association appoints the chairman, he wondered, ‘Did he appoint a foreign coach?’”.

It was a criticism of the appointment of Mueller, who was not familiar with the domestic situation. Considering the role of the chairperson who oversees not only the A team but also the age group team, it is definitely a remark with a point to think about.안전놀이터

However, the core of the current Power Reinforcement Committee’s problem is not the nationality of the chairman. The problem is that the system that was well maintained in the past, the power of collective intelligence, is missing.

Even when Kim Pan-gon, who is currently leading Malaysia, served as the chairman of the national coach selection committee, the meaning of the committee’s existence was clear. The chairman shared the whole process of appointing a director with the members and focused on personnel decisions based on collective judgment and decisions, not individuals.

It was not the opinion of a single chairperson, but a reasonable process was established with soccer players representing Korean soccer. This method was well received both inside and outside the association. Of course, there has been a recognition that the committee is a necessary organization. In fact, several coaches such as Paulo Bento (CEO A), Kim Hak-beom (23 years old or younger), and Colin Bell (Female A), who were appointed at this time, have achieved or achieved good results.

A footballer who worked as a committee member at the time said, “When I started working on the appointment, the chairperson and the committee members were together with everything from start to finish. The committee members recommended candidates, and each other evaluated the strengths and weaknesses and decided on the candidates. The chairman informed the members of everything from the negotiation method to the process. We even shared which candidate and why negotiations failed,” he said. “We always respected our opinions. In the event that it was not possible to gather, he gave his opinion and suggested the direction. I never did anything arbitrary,” he testified.

It’s different now. Currently, it is known that Chairman Müller has hardly talked in detail about the members of the Power Reinforcement Committee and the candidate for the coach of the national team A. Multiple officials who are familiar with the circumstances of the committee say that although the appointment deadline presented by the association is approaching, the committee members have not properly heard details related to the candidate.

It seems that only the chairperson and some of the association’s leadership know which candidate is good, when, and how to negotiate. In effect, the Power Reinforcement Committee has lost its function and meaning.

As a result, even within the committee, there is an atmosphere that raises question marks on the way the association is handled. An official familiar with the association’s circumstances said, “I know that some members are dissatisfied. If this is the case, it is their opinion that they do not know why they were appointed as a committee member. In fact, there are members who think of them as attendants,” he said. “The way the work is handled is very different from the previous committee. In the end, isn’t it like in the past that one or two people decide the national team coach?”

Another official also said, “Security for smooth negotiations is important, but the most important thing is to bring a good coach and a leader who suits us. This should be the most basic, but the current association doesn’t seem to know what the priority is.”

In order to maximize the use of Chairman Müller’s network in Germany and Europe and to find a leader that fits the domestic situation, group discussion and evaluation are absolutely necessary, as in the past committee. In the first place, in order for Chairman Muller, a foreigner, to communicate smoothly with domestic members, he should have spent energy for this inside the association, but it seems that no one in the current organization can play such a role, nor is he willing.

It is still unknown what kind of coach the association, which has put Chairman Mueller in the foreground, will recruit. What is certain is that the association’s personnel system is now missing. I am concerned about how the decision-making method, which has gone back to the past and relied on the judgment of a few, will affect the future of Korean football.

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