‘Inner Hong’ Will Korean curling make a comeback… “League End of Year Resurrection”

Korean curling, which has lost public trust due to rumors outside of the game every day, pledged to make a new start under the new chairmanship system. The World Championships to be held in Gangneung on the 22nd is the first step. Suspended domestic leagues will resume at the end of this year at the earliest.

Han Sang-ho, president of the Korea Curling Federation, attended a press conference held at the Olympic Parktel in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 10th and said, “There was a side where I lost my direction due to the recent internal conflict.” In addition to Chairman Han, vice presidents, city and provincial branch presidents, ‘Team Kim’ Gangneung City Hall, domestic unemployment team and high school team players were also seated.

In recent years, the Curling Federation has repeatedly suffered from bad news. With the silver medal in the women’s division of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, national support followed, but shortly after, a scandal erupted over power abuse and embezzlement by the family of former acting president Kim Gyeong-doo of the Curling Federation. In 2020, then-Chairman Kim Jae-hong stepped down during the audit due to fraudulent recruitment and accounting settlement issues. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Chairman Kim Yong-bin, who was elected chairman the following year, also resigned after just one year to focus on managing the company.

As if aware of this, Chairman Han also focused on long-term development at the meeting. The purpose is to prevent a situation where political variables within the association shake the future of the entire sport by establishing a future policy committee to establish a 10-year plan. It also decided to focus on nurturing human resources and expanding infrastructure.먹튀검증

The Korea Curling League (KCL), which had been suspended for more than three years due to Corona 19, also decided to resume within this year at the earliest. A total of 10 teams, including the newly founded Uiseong-gun Office, will participate. Prior to the league’s revival, two new competitions are expected to be held: the Korea Sports Council Cup (August) and the Uiseong County Cup (October). Kim Eun-jung, the ‘Senior Glasses’ who was in charge of Gangneung City Hall’s claim, expressed her determination to “I will always do my best for the development of curling.”

The first international curling competition to be held in Korea in 14 years is just 10 days away. The 2023 Mix Double Senior World Championships to be held in Gangneung is that. Kim Ji-yoon (Seoul City Hall), the national mixed double player, pledged, “Since this is a tournament held in Korea, I will focus on training and achieve good results.” In the senior competition, where only those over 50 can participate, Jung-wook Heo, In-seon Cheon, Yeong-woo Ham, Choi Jong-gyeong and Shin Man-ho, who are from the same age, will participate.

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