[In Changwon] ‘Icon of Sacrifice’ Incheon Kim Do-hyeok, MF→LW→LWB “If it helps the team”

Kim Do-hyeok, who has been in his 10th year as a pro, challenges a new position.스포츠토토

The Korea Professional Football Federation held the 7th media camp for the 2023 K-League winter field training at the Changwon International Hotel located in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 14th. Incheon United participated, and a self-interview with the players was arranged.

Kim Do-hyeok is Incheon ‘one club man’. He joined in 2014 and worked hard to rebuild with his steady skills and unwavering spirit of sacrifice. Until his last season, his appearance record for Incheon was 203 games (13 goals and 17 assists). He is much loved by Incheon fans.

Kim Do-hyeok was rewarded after his long wait. Incheon, which overcame the relegation crisis under the title of ‘King of Survival’, succeeded in advancing to the AFC Champions League by finishing in 4th place last season. Now all he has to do is play happy football.

He was challenged for a new position this year. Kim Do-hyeok, whose position is a midfielder, was surprised when he was appointed as a left winger last season. He even made people admire by digesting it perfectly without any sense of heterogeneity. He is a wingback this time. He explained the background, “I was given the role of left wingback, and he thought of the parts that could help the team first. He had a great desire to challenge himself personally.”

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