“I’ll make it up to you in baseball,” says the 2004 rookie… with his first coffee.

Kiwoom Heroes rookie catcher Kim Dong-heon received his first gift of coffee tea.

Kim was thanked by many players before the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League game against the LG Twins at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 7th. The seniors, who visited Kim and received a cup of tea each, greeted him with “I’ll drink it well!” and Kim was embarrassed.먹튀검증

Kim Dong-heon, who joined Kiwoom this year as the 12th overall pick in the second round, has been sharing a mask with senior catcher Lee Ji-young in the first team since his rookie season, unlike other catchers who usually spend three to five years gaining experience in the Futures before making it to the first team. It’s a ‘compressed version’ of Kiwoom’s player development know-how.

Speaking about Kim Dong-heon’s adjustment to the first team ahead of the sixth game, Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said, “He’s doing well at a young age. He works hard on his own and is good to his seniors and coaches, so everyone likes him,” he said. Kiwoom Battery coach Park Do-hyun said, “He is quick to absorb and smart. His passion for baseball is also high,” he said.

There are already a few fans in the Gocheok Dome wearing jerseys with Kim Dong-heon’s markings, and the players were given coffee tea, which is a “measure of popularity”. Kim Dong-heon was at a loss for words in front of the coffee tea, but he shyly greeted the fan who gave him a ‘big gift’.

He said, “Thank you so much for sending me such a big gift even though it’s not my day. Now I have to be really good at baseball. I think I should be good at baseball and have a good personality, but I think I should be good at baseball first. I will not forget this and will definitely repay you with baseball.”

Kim Dong-heon has been the captain and catcher of Chungam Go since last year, alongside team ace Yoon Young-chul. His tears after finishing runner-up in the Cheongnyonggi last July were as emotional as high school baseball can get. Now, as he gains experience as a professional player, Kim Dong-heon is becoming complete by absorbing the love of his fans.

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