“If you’re not going to steal bases, why don’t you…” Betts, center hitter instead of leadoff?

“I don’t think I will steal bases like in the past.”

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts (31) played the leadoff role throughout last season. Betts, who has sophisticated hitting ability and baserunning sense, has played 284 games as the first hitter since transferring to the Dodgers in 2020. All other 35 games were placed in the batting order.

But this year, Betts’ batting order will be different. The LA Times, a local media outlet in Los Angeles, quoted Dodgers manager Dave Roberts on the 26th (Korean time) and said, “Betts’ batting order may be pushed back by a step or two.”

The reason is that while Betts’ number of stolen bases has decreased, his number of home runs has increased. Even with the Boston Red Sox, Betts averaged 21 stolen bases over six seasons. However, after the transfer to the Dodgers, 16 in 2019 is the maximum. Last season there were only 12. On the other hand, he hit 35 home runs, a career high.

Manager Roberts said, “I don’t expect Betts to steal bases like he did in the past. He showed more power batting. I think he’ll produce more RBIs (if he moves the batting order). We plan to discuss adjusting the batting order first.” said.

Trey Turner’s move to the Philadelphia Phillies also influenced Betts’ batting order discussions. The media explained the background, saying, ‘Since Turner, who recorded 100 runs, has left, the Dodgers are looking for a hitter who can raise an RBI in the center of the batting line.’안전놀이터

Betts also gave a positive answer to the batting order adjustment. “I think it made sense to move to a more productive batting order. Who knew I was going to hit 35 home runs? I don’t care.”

The Dodgers are facing a lot of changes this season. This is because they have to fill the transfer void of players who led the batting line, such as Trey Turner and Justin Turner. Manager Roberts is also struggling to find the best combination. The same goes for Betts’ batting order adjustment. Attention is focusing on whether the Dodgers will be able to respond flexibly to changes.

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