“If you don’t do it, I’ll curse you”… On the day of the 4.6 billion reward player, why was the best catcher in Korea more than happy?

“On the first day I came up to the first team, (Yang) Eui-ji said, ‘If you can’t do it, I’ll be criticized.'”

The day Doosan Bears infielder Park Joon-young (26) laid the foundation to write a success story as a compensation player. Yang Eui-ji (36), Doosan’s hostess, may have been more delighted than Park Joon-young himself. It must have been because he was a senior and colleague who wanted the success of Park Joon-young more than anyone else.아톰카지노

Park Jun-young wore the Doosan uniform for the first time as a compensation player for catcher Park Se-hyuk (33), who transferred as a free agent to the NC Dinos ahead of this season. When Doosan received a list of protected players from the NC, it had already picked Park Joon-young. He was a player with the most potential to the extent that all Doosan officials who attended the compensation player meeting had the question of ‘why was it released’. He was also a right-handed hitter with long hitting power that was lacking in Doosan, so there was no big concern.

Still, I went through the process of confirming what kind of player Park Joon-young was. When choosing a compensation player, it is common to seek opinions from players who have lived with the team or officials. Doosan naturally asked Yang Eui-ji what kind of player Park Joon-young was. This is because Yang Eui-ji played with Park Joon-young in NC until he signed a contract with his parent Doosan this season for 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years with the best free agent treatment ever. Yang Eui-ji gave the opinion that he was a good player for Doosan, and the club chose Park Joon-young by referring to Yang Eui-ji’s opinion among many opinions. So Yang Eui-ji deserved to feel that he was to some extent responsible for Park Joon-young’s performance.

Park Joon-young was a player who needed a long rehabilitation after being on the operating table due to a dislocated shoulder in October of last year. His physical condition and sense of the game were full of question marks, but he prepared for the day to return to the first team by sweating hard at the Icheon Bears Park, the training ground for the Doosan 2nd Army. Under the guidance of 2nd team coach Lee Jung-hoon and hitting coaches Lee Do-hyung and Lee Young-soo, the batting was corrected, and from the end of June, multi-hit games began to emerge. He had a batting average of 0.400 (6 hits in 15 at-bats) in July, 3 homers and 4 RBIs, and in the last 7 days he was called up to the first team, which he had been waiting for so long.

Park Joon-young continued his good hitting feeling to the extent that Yang Eui-ji was immediately relieved. As soon as he played as a substitute against Kiwoom Heroes in Jamsil on the 7th, he made a strong impression by decorating his first hit with a double and leaving a strong impression. Selected as a Distinguished Player of the Year. He was one double short of hitting the hit for the cycle record.

Yang Eui-ji, after watching Park Jun-young’s performance in the 1st team, said, “Even when I was in NC, I was a good friend and a friend who would do well, but because of an injury, I ended the season quickly and came to Doosan. I think I felt better because Junyoung asked me a lot and worked hard even when I was in NC.”

Park Joon-young said, “(Yang) Eui-ji has been talking a lot since NC. He asked me a lot when I didn’t do well or when there was something I didn’t know, and Eui-ji took care of a lot. He said, ‘I’m being cursed at.’ Thank you for liking me even when I hit my first hit after transferring,” he expressed his heart.

From rehabilitation to reaching his full potential in the first team, the coaching staff of the second team cannot be left out. Park Joon-young said, “At first, I went into technical training and started playing games, but it continued to fail. I repaired a lot of batting along with the 2nd team coaches and coaches. Coach Lee Jung-hoon cursed a lot and yelled at me a lot (laughs). Coach’s heart I didn’t hear much about it. He also said a lot to make me feel that he was caring for me.”

“I felt that I was lacking too, and I had a strong will to fix it. At first, the hit I had done so far and what the coach wanted was the exact opposite. It was difficult at first, but it got better little by little as I did it with the mindset of trying again from the beginning. It was easy for me to accept because he taught me a lot so that I could change the details while maintaining the game. There were some things that fit me among the things the coach told me. I think I was able to get better sooner. The quality of the ball improved and good results came out, so I thought positively. I think I gained confidence as well,” he added.

The injured area has now recovered well. Park Joon-young said, “I woke up this morning (9th), and I felt a little bit. Except when it rained, I’m fine.” . When defending, there are still things that make me more anxious than uncomfortable with my shoulders. When diving, I feel a little anxious, but when I do it, it’s okay again,” he said calmly.

Now, he is in the process of adapting to Doosan baseball and culture. Park Joon-young said, “NC was a young team. I’m not shy, but there are a lot of seniors in Doosan, so I became shy without even realizing it. . Still, I think it takes a month to fully adapt. My MBTI is E (extroverted). I (introverted) is not. It’s an E, but it’s been two days now,” he said with a laugh.

Park Joon-young intends to use this year as a stepping stone to leap forward next year. He said, “I want to do it without any burden. Whether I’m in the 1st or 2nd team, I’m back after a long rehabilitation. The most important thing is not to get sick. I’m going to spend this year filling in what I lacked so far. It would be nice to spend this year while looking at next year,” he said with strength.

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