“I win this time”. Usman pushes for a fourth duel with Edwards

Kamaru Usman lost the title to Leon Edwards in a row and failed in his revenge match. However, he is eager for his fourth confrontation, saying that he can win if he fights again.

Usman and Edwards fought three times leading up to UFC 286.

Former champion Usman pressed Edwards with wrestling in a fight in the early days of the UFC long ago and won by unanimous decision.

Usman said it was an ‘unexpected KO loss’ and took revenge in March, but failed to regain the title after losing by decision.

Usman, who lost but still remains at the top of the rankings, announced his intention to retake Edwards’ title after taking a tempo breather.

He hopes to have a fourth fight next, hoping that Edwards will win a defensive battle against No. 2 Covington or the winner of Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns.

Usman said that he would also ‘go through the preparation process’ and that he would fight the undefeated 3rd ranked Chimaev (MMA 12-0, UFC 6-0).ㅋㅋㅋ벳

“Currently, there are not many opponents I have to fight. Chimaev is a fighter who needs to be tested. After defeating him, he will fight again and bring home the title. Then he might leave welterweight. In the gym, I also face middleweight and light heavyweight fighters.”

Usman lost twice in a row even though he seemed to win. Once was an unexpected KO loss and once was a major decision (2-0), but in my heart I never seem to admit it.

Edwards, who played with wrestling to his heart’s content back then. Usman is confident that he can beat him perfectly in his fourth match and stand on top again, but that opportunity is unlikely to come anytime soon.

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