“I couldn’t see you on the day of the trade, so I should say hello”… 5 days after leaving, comes to Rapak, a 38-year-old veteran who became a hero

A man who became an enemy comes to Rafak.

The Samsung Lions, led by manager Park Jin-man, carried out a trade on the 27th of last month. Instead of receiving pitcher Kim Tae-hoon from Kiwoom Heroes, they gave away veteran infielder Lee Won-seok and the right to pick in the 3rd round of the 2024 rookie draft.

Lee Won-seok was a player who was much loved by Samsung fans. He always led by example and played a pivotal role on the ground. Even before he moved to Kiwoom, he had a batting average of 0.362, 21 hits, 1 home run, 10 RBIs and 6 runs scored.

Because it was a sudden trade, the time to say hello to colleagues was short. Hearing the trade news on the morning of the 27th, he had no time to greet his teammates as he hurriedly packed his bags and boarded the train to Seoul in the morning to play the Kiwoom game in Gocheok, Seoul.

Pitcher Won Tae-in said, “From the time I joined, he took care of a lot of things and gave me a lot of good words. He was a senior I could always rely on in good times and bad times. I am very sorry to leave with a trade.”

Lee Won-seok, who left without being able to greet everyone warmly, returns to Daegu in five days. Now he plays in the Kiwoom uniform, not the Samsung uniform. From the 2nd to the 4th, Samsung and Kiwoom will have three consecutive matches during the week at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu.

Won Tae-in said, “I couldn’t say hello on the day of the trade. I have a game with Kiwoom, so I plan to look for it then.” Meet again with colleagues who have not been able to say hello. But they are enemies, not allies. 토토사이트

After going to Kiwoom, Lee Won-seok is making a big success. He’s been a force in the center batting line as soon as he’s gone with 7 hits, 1 RBI and 1 run in three games. Suddenly, his season batting average has risen to 0.394, and he is currently ranked second in batting average.

Now we meet Samsung as the enemy. Kiwoom is currently on a losing streak. Samsung, which is one step above the leaderboard, and three consecutive matches during the week will have a big impact on the standings at the beginning of the season. You have to wield a strong blow against your parents and give your team victory.

I came back to Rapak 5 days after I left. Will Lee Won-seok be able to smile?

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