“I can’t answer that question” 9 times on the injured list for 3 years, 35.6% of participation rate… Have you seen this FA scam?

Los Angeles Angels infielder Anthony Rendon (33) was placed on the injured list again. In the last 3 years, he has been on the ninth injured list and is walking the path of eating out of the FA.

The Angels placed Rendon on the 10-day disabled list on the 15th (Korean time). His last 5 days against the San Diego Padres, he was hit in the left shin by his foul hit and was substituted, but his pain did not subside and he ended up on the injured list.안전놀이터

According to ‘The Athletic’, Rendon said, “I’m feeling a little better, but it’s not getting better as quickly as I thought. There really is no answer,” he said. As for whether he’s playing baseball, he said, “I can’t answer that question. It’s too detailed,” he replied with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

Rendon has already been on the injured list three times this year alone. He left on May 16 due to a strain in his left groin and on the 20th of last month due to a bruise on his left wrist. He has only appeared in 43 of the Angels’ 92 games through the 15th. He missed 49 games.

It’s not just this year. Last year, he was on the disabled list in May due to inflammation of his right wrist, and underwent surgery in June and missed three months. He returned to action at the end of the season in October, but played only 47 total games.

2021 also ended with a 58-game road trip as he was placed on the disabled list four times with a left groin strain in April, a left knee bruise in May, a left hamstring strain in July, and a hip impingement in August. He has played 148 games and missed 268 games over the past three years. The participation rate is only 35.6%.

Rendon signed a 7-year, $245 million free agent contract with the Angels in December 2019 and received special treatment. After debuting with the Washington Nationals in 2013, he played an active role in 916 games for a total of 7 years with a batting average of 2.99, 994 hits, 136 homers, 546 RBIs, and an OPS of .859. He is not flashy, but his strength is his consistency, and he boasted of being an All-Star once and a Silver Slugger twice.

In particular, in 2019, he had a career high season with a batting average of 3.19, 174 hits, 34 homers, 126 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.010 in 146 games. He became Washington’s first World Series champion and came to the free agent market when his value was at its peak. The Los Angeles Dodgers also showed great interest in Rendon, but chose the relatively quiet and less interested Angels in the city (Anaheim) because “Hollywood life doesn’t seem to suit me and my family.”

As a result, missing Rendon was fortunate for the Dodgers. Outside of 2020, which was a COVID-shortened season, Rendon has barely contributed to the Angels. His biggest problem is his physical condition, where he cannot play more than half of the season, but his performance is also not good. Over the past three years, batting average of .235, 125 hits, 13 homers, 80 RBIs, OPS .701. In particular, this year, he recorded a batting average of 2.36, 2 homers, 22 RBIs and an OPS of .678 in 43 games, a career low.

Despite Shohei Ohtani’s struggles, the Angels, who have recently lost six games in a row, have lost 45-47, with a .500 win rate collapsed. They are 4th in the American League West, 8th in the Wild Card, and 6 games behind in 3rd. In a situation where fall baseball is going away, the arrow of criticism is also directed at Rendon, who left due to repeated injuries. Criticism is growing as the reporters do not even reveal their proper condition.

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