Hwang In-beom arrives in Serbia as soon as the A-match schedule is completed… ‘The best player in 30 years has arrived’ Excited local

As soon as Hwang In-beom finished his schedule with the Korean national team, he moved to Serbia and joined his new team Crvenazvezda.메이저사이트

On the 14th (Korean time), Serbian media outlet ‘Telegraph’ reported, ‘The largest signing of players in league history has officially arrived at the Maracana.’ Maracana is the nickname of Crvena’s home stadium, Stadion Raiko Mitić. Hwang In-beom will hold an official joining ceremony at the stadium on this day. He will be wearing the number 66 uniform for the first time, according to his already known number. Hwang In-beom prefers number 6, but as he was recruited late, he could not take the existing number 6, Marco Stamenic.

Hwang In-beom is expected to be the most expensive player in league history. The transfer fee is 5 million euros (about 7.1 billion won). Fortunately, the amount was reduced by less than half of the price requested by Olympiacos (Greece). When Hwang In-beom joined Rubin Kazan (Russia) Olympiakos a year ago, the contract he signed was 1+2 years, but he clashed with the club, saying they tried to pass over this summer without properly notifying him of the terms of the extension. In the end, after a dispute, the transfer to Crvena was completed on the 5th with a much lower transfer fee.

Hwang In-beom, who had been called up to the national team when his recruitment was confirmed, hastily conducted his medical test in London, near his national team camp. It was not until nearly 10 days later that he was able to say hello to his new team.

‘Telegraph’ reported that great expectations were raised, saying, ‘The club believes that Hwang In-beom will become a player that has not been seen in the Serbian soccer world for the past 30 years.’ Crvena won the UEFA Champions League (UCL, then the European Cup) in 1991, 32 years ago. This is an incredible evaluation as it is the most significant signing among all players since the Serbian club won the UCL.

Of course, Crbena, as the representative club of Serbia, a soccer powerhouse, has produced many star players over the past 30 years. Looking at relatively recent players, Luka Jovic (AC Milan), who once played for Real Madrid, has a more brilliant career than Hwang In-beom. However, among players recruited from outside, Hwang In-beom can easily be called an ‘all-time great’ player.

In addition, because Crvena has recently been lagging behind other clubs such as Partizan in terms of producing Serbian national team players, expectations for Hwang In-beom are even higher. Crvena recently won the Serbian Superliga for the sixth consecutive season, but has not been competitive in Europe. After failing in the UCL preliminaries for three consecutive seasons, they advanced directly to the finals thanks to changes in the league format this season.

Crvena will face Chukaricki in the domestic league on the 17th, and then play an away game against Manchester City in the UCL on the 20th. You will want to use Hwang In-beom as much as possible as he was recruited to utilize him in UCL. Although he lacks experience in working with his new teammates, meeting the world’s best team is both a crisis and an opportunity for Hwang In-beom.

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