Heungkuk Life Insurance, the last step left to win the regular league

It only takes 1 point.

Pro volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance’s rise to the throne is just around the corner. On the 11th, the KGC Ginseng Corporation match held at Incheon home was decorated with a shutout victory, reaching 25 wins and 9 losses in the season and 76 points, widening the gap with second place Hyundai E&C to 6 points.

After playing 34 matches, the maximum number of points that Hyundai E&C can accumulate in the remaining matches is 76 points. If Heungkuk Life Insurance adds just one point in the remaining two games, it will confirm the regular season championship on its own. The best scenario is to hold the Hyundai E&C exhibition on the 19th after celebrating at the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea exhibition in Hwaseong on the 15th.

If there are no big surprises, it will be the 6th time in the club’s history to reach the top of the regular season. The most recent win was in the 2018-2019 season. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has a high probability of returning to first place after four seasons, can even surpass the combined championship that was successful that season.

The 6th place team with only Pepper Savings Bank, a new team from the previous season, was transformed in an instant. At the center was Kim Yeon-kyung. Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned to the V-League after a long overseas life, put his team as a candidate for the championship at once. And he showed off his performance that lived up to his expectations.

As of the 12th, Kim Yeon-kyung is ranked 1st in the league in attack success rate (45.57%) and 5th in scoring (646 points). If it is limited to domestic players, he is even at the top in terms of scoring. It was not for nothing that other team commanders said, “Heungkuk Life Insurance is no different from having two foreign players.”

As an offensive and defensive player, the receive efficiency is also 46.45%. It’s not as much as when I was young when it was close to 60%, but it was enough to give the team a sense of stability. The uneasy defense of the outside hitter line, such as Kim Mi-yeon and Jung Yun-ju, which had been pointed out throughout, was resolved in one shot. 토토사이트

Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena), who is consistent with stable receiving, is also showing improved performance compared to last season when she was a member of KGC Ginseng Corporation. Scores (798 points) and attack success rate (42.68%) all ranked third in the league, leading the team with Kim Yeon-kyung in a pair.

It is Heungkuk Life Insurance that has seen the effect of Kim Yeon-kyung. It is the same reason why the team could not be shaken even though the club’s leadership intervened in the middle of the season. A happy ending is approaching for Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has shown its potential to overcome Hyundai E&C, which seemed unlikely to collapse.

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