“He played his part well” Veteran Kim Han-byeol, who is behind BNK’s losing streak

Veteran Kim Han-byul became the hidden contributor to BNK’s escape from losing streak.

Busan BNKsome, which caused a sensation at the beginning of this season, slowed down somewhat in the 5th round. I lost 4 in a row and fell to 4th place. Although it was confirmed to advance to the playoffs, concerns were inevitable as the performance at the end of the season was not good.

One of the reasons BNK was shaken was Kim Han-byul’s absence. Kim Han-byeol, who showed a terrible pace at the beginning of the season, was absent from the competition due to chronic knee pain. He missed the matches against Cheongju KB Stars on the 11th and Asan Woori Bank on the 13th, watching the team lose from the bench.안전놀이터

On the 19th, Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball BNK and Incheon Shinhan Bank faced off in the 5th round at the Changwon Gymnasium. Kim Han-byul, who came back after overcoming his knee pain, showed off his presence. He recorded 7 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists in 32 minutes. In addition to Kim Han-byeol, Lee So-hee and Jinan played a big role, BNK won 73-61 and escaped their 4-game losing streak.

On this day, Kim Han-byeol threw 12 field shots, with only 1 out of 5 3-pointers breaking the rim, and only 3 were successful. Since he missed the previous two games, his game sense and condition were not yet perfect.

However, Kim Han-byul’s value was revealed in defense and rebounding. He perfectly controlled Sonia Kim and tied Shinhan Bank’s score. Sonia Kim, who was blocked by Kim Han-byul’s defense, only scored 3 out of 20 Yatoo shots. Also, grabbing 11 rebounds, including 3 offensive rebounds, helped BNK gain the upper hand in the height fight.

After the match, BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said of Kim Han-byul, “He is a player with a strong desire to compete, and I know that now is an important moment. He played his part well. If he maintains his physical condition like this, I think he will hold the center of the team with good performance.”

Jinan, who recorded a double-double with 18 points and 12 rebounds, said, “If (Kim) Hanbyeol is there, the defense is all driven there. Then he can use the space more widely, so he is definitely comfortable running,” he said, welcoming Kim Han-byul’s return.

Kim Han-byeol helped the team escape from losing streak in the comeback match. BNK (14-12), with Kim Han-byul’s return, can continue its fight for second place with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (15-11) and Shinhan Bank (15-12) until the end.

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