Hanyu Island, Lee Jae-won, Lim Jun-seop… A large number of SSG veterans go to the 2nd army, why? 

SSG Landers made an entry change during the expedition. Veteran players went down to the 2nd team.

SSG canceled outfielder Han Yu-seom, catcher Lee Jae-won, and left-handed pitcher Lim Jun-seop from the first team entry ahead of the Daegu Samsung Lions match on the 26th. Instead, starting pitcher Kirk McCarty was registered for the first time in the second half, and catchers Cho Hyeong-woo and Jeon Gyeong-won were called up together. McCarty has been with the team since the first day of the Daegu expedition, and Cho Hyung-woo and Jeon Gyeong-won, who were registered as entries, joined the first team on the 26th.바카라사이트

A combination of factors came into play. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung explained, “Yoo Seom-i is not in a state where he can play consistently. (Ha) Jae-hoon has a good sense of humor, and Yoo Seom-i decided that it was necessary to have time to reorganize in the 2nd team.”

Han Yu-seom, the captain of the team, is experiencing a deep slump in the process of returning after correcting his batting form to prevent injury this season. Until the 25th, his batting average for the season was only 1.84 (34 hits in 185 at-bats). He has a lot of worries on his own, and even went to the 2nd Army once last June, but he has not completely recovered his good feelings.

In addition, the performance of Ha Jae-hoon, who returned from a fracture injury, also had an impact. Since Guillermo Heredia, Choi Ji-hoon, Ha Jae-hoon, Choo Shin-soo, and Kim Kang-min are taking turns defending the outfield, it is a calculation that will give Hanyu Island ample time.

Veteran catcher Lee Jae-won also went down to the second team after a month. Director Kim Won-hyeong added, “I thought it was time to call (Cho) Hyeong-woo, so I sent Jae-won down. I called (former) Kyung-won because I wanted to see how he was preparing.”

Lim Jun-seop also has a readjustment period in the 2nd group. Manager Kim Won-hyung predicted, “There are too many left-handed pitchers in the entry right now, and Jun-seop has been doing really well, but he seems to need some time as his pace has slowed down a bit recently. If the second team prepares well again, he will be called again.”

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