Halla-class new wind Cha Min-soo, returning strongman Choi Seong-hwan and collecting the 5th trophy

Cha Min-soo (Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team), an emerging Halla-class folk wrestling champion, defeated Choi Seong-hwan, a ‘returning strongman’ and team senior, to become the 5th Halla Master in his personal career.

Cha Min-soo defeated Choi Seong-hwan 3-2 in the 2023 Folk Ssireum League 2nd Pyeongchang Odaesancheon Jangsa Ssireum Competition Halla Jangsa (under 105kg) final match (5 out of 3 wins) held at Jinbu Life Gymnasium in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do on the 12th and embraced the bull trophy. was

Cha Min-soo returned to the throne in about three months after winning the New Year’s Day tournament, avenging his loss to Choi Seong-hwan in the semifinals of the Mungyeong tournament in February.

Cha Min-soo, who made his debut on the folk wrestling stage last year and won three times including the Cheonhajangsa competition and brought a new wind to the Halla class, is solidifying his position by winning two times this year. 토토사이트

Choi Seong-hwan, who rose to the top of the Chuseok event right after being discharged last year, tried to win two consecutive championships following this year’s Mungyeong tournament, but was blocked by his juniors and delayed his 12th championship.

Since it was a clash between seniors and juniors from Dong-A University on the same team, there was no war of nerves, such as a battle of loincloths. The game went on smoothly. In the first edition, Cha Min-soo succeeded in grabbing in the situation of a mating match and overpowered the baseline. In the second round, there was also a situation where the match came out, but this time Choi Seong-hwan turned the game to the starting point with a push followed by a latch. In the third round, Cha Min-soo knocked over the senior with an ankle at the start and went ahead again, but Choi Seong-hwan regained his balance in the fourth round. Cha Min-soo, who was defending by hanging his legs on the field guard, was laid down with a push. However, the championship was taken by Cha Min-soo, who broke the senior with a field bridge at the start of the last 5th round.

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