GS, who lost at the end of the luxury game, “Both teams praise the game that showed eagerness in spring volleyball”

“I want to praise both teams for the spring volleyball game that showed concentration.”

GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyeon Cha, who suffered an unfortunate loss after a close match of deuce, praised the players of both teams.

GS Caltex suffered an unfortunate defeat with a set score of 1-3 (26-24 25-27 26-28 31-33) in the last match of the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division against GS Caltex held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th. got hit

GS Caltex, which was able to rise to 3rd place with 3 points on this day, failed to jump to 3rd place, falling into two consecutive losses without gaining points (33 points). MoMa, who returned from injury, struggled with 33 points, and Yoo Seo-yeon and Kang So-hui jointly scored 40 points from both sides, but they could not exceed the ‘Ma’s 24 points’ and bowed their heads. 

Deuce Concentration was disappointing. GS Caltex, which took set points three times on this day, bowed its head twice in reverse. GS took more than 3 match points from the 1st set to the 3rd set, but only won the 1st set.  스포츠토토

GS coach Sang-Hyun Cha, who we met after the game, said, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t feel sick, but it was a game that showed both teams’ mental strength to win from the beginning to the end. It was a game that showed the hearts of teams who want to go to spring volleyball, and I want to praise it.” 

Regarding the fact that he was unable to win three set points, he said, “Receiving was disappointing. It’s not that we didn’t have a chance, but Park Jung-ah’s one shot was fierce. I had a chance to win every set, but Park Jung-ah caught me and I couldn’t continue with rebounding and defense.” 

Regarding MoMa, who came back from injury, “It wasn’t a perfect body, but it held up well enough. He said he had a hard time after it was over.” Regarding Yoo Seo-yeon, who scored the most points of the season with 24 points that day, “I have to do well in my current role, and because I am doing well, I have established myself as a necessary player for the team. Get well and move quickly. Yoo Seo-yeon should clarify this role,” he encouraged. 

Coach Cha said, “I think it will be a fight that will endure the rest of the 5th and 6th rounds. In the current situation, I think I have endured hard,” he encouraged the players. 

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