‘Futures ERA 1.74 → 1st team 2G consecutive scoreless march’ Rain began to fall on the tired Samsung fighting team

“He is a player who is expected to perform well in a difficult situation”.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said this about right-hander Hong Jeong-woo (27). Hong Jeong-woo, who failed to live up to expectations with an ERA of 9.53 without a win or loss in 5 games in April, regained his confidence by showing off his mighty pitch on the Futures stage. He took the mound 10 times and recorded 1 win, 2 saves and 1 hold. His earned run average is 1.74.

On the 17th, before returning to the first team, he pitched in relief for Albert Suarez, the 7th inning starter who was behind 3-6 against Daegu KIA. He lightly guided the first batters, Socrates Brito and Choi Hyung-woo, with a fly to center field and a grounder to first base, respectively. After two outs, Kim Sun-bin was allowed a double in the middle right, and Hwang Dae-in was sent out with an automatic intentional 4th pitch. Although he was in danger of losing runs on 1st and 2nd base, he struck out Ho-ryeong Kim on a swing and ended the inning.

On the 19th, in the game against NC in Changwon, he contributed to escaping the 4th consecutive loss by easing the crisis of 1 company and 3rd base. He took over the baton from Kim Tae-hoon in the 8th inning, one run and third base crisis, leading by one point. Following Son Ah-seop’s shortstop ground ball, Park Min-woo and ball count 2B-2S induced a miss with a forkball, the main weapon. Hong Jung-woo passed the mound to Oh Seung-hwan in the ninth inning.

What is the secret to showing off two consecutive games after returning to the first team? There are no technical changes such as correcting pitching form or adding pitching repertoire. Hong Jeong-woo explains that changing your mind is a big help. “When I go up in a situation where the score difference is large, I throw the ball I can throw with confidence, but when I go out in a close match, I try to play more carefully without knowing it, which leads to worse results.”

Hong Jeong-woo said, “I always regret it when it comes down (even if I get a hit or a home run, I realized that I have to pitch without regret so that there is no regret left.” He continued, “I felt that I could produce different results with the same ball. How confidently I threw it. He expressed his gratitude, saying, Coach Jung Hyun-wook, (Woo) Kyu-min hyung, and right-hander (Lee) Seung-hyeon hyung tell me a lot of good things.”

He climbs the mound with a sense of desperation that ‘there is no tomorrow’. He said, “I don’t have a place for myself, and there are times when I feel a little down, so I have to make up my mind that there will be no tomorrow so I don’t have any regrets.” He emphasized, “I have had many opportunities so far, but I have not been able to take advantage of them. I must seize them unconditionally. No one can do it for me. No matter what the situation, the results must prove it.”토토사이트

Controversy arose as pitching coach Jung Hyun-wook grabbed Moon Yong-ik by the collar and dragged him into the dugout. In response, Hong Jung-woo said, “Coach Hyun-wook Jung is hot these days, but he seems to have been edited by the devil. He gets along with the players enough to joke around. This is a typical tsundere style,” he explained. It could be misunderstood if you only looked at what was caught on the broadcast screen, but it meant that what you see is not everything.

Hong Jeong-woo said that he needed to increase the power of his main weapon, the forkball. “One of the reasons the forkball wasn’t good at the beginning of the season was that the forkball didn’t work properly. I’ve been consulting with the pitching coach to change my grip and trying various things. It’s not perfect yet. It’s much easier to operate on the mound if the forkball lives. “. When asked if he had plans to equip a sweeper, a hot pitch in the baseball world, he replied, “The coach told me, but it didn’t seem to fit me. I think it’s better to work hard on what I’ve been doing.”

It’s not that he doesn’t have a desire to improve his speed, but he said throwing a fast ball isn’t the best. Hong Jeong-woo said, “It doesn’t mean that you can’t hit (hit or home run) by throwing 150 km. Unless you throw mid-150 km, maximizing your strengths is more competitive. Hong Jeong-woo said.

He said, “My goal is to always play in many games,” and emphasized, “Now that I am not young, it is important to play in many games, but I have to produce results.

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