From soccer and volleyball to wrestling, Korea is the golden age of Kim Min-jae

The ‘Golden Age of Kim Min-jae’ has come to sports in Korea. 메이저놀이터

Sports stars named Kim Min-jae are attracting fans’ attention by showing off top-notch skills in their respective fields. It is Kim Min-jae, a soccer player born in 1996, who widely imprinted the name Kim Min-

jae among the fans of ‘monster defender’ Kim Min-jae, who is challenging the top of Serie A.

He is a player who receives cheers from fans when he catches the ball in a national team game, which is rare for a defender.

Last summer, he entered the Italian Serie A, one of the European big leagues, for the first time as a center back, and now he has become the pride of Korean soccer.

Kim Min-jae left Turkiye Fenerbahce in July last year and moved to Italy’s prestigious club Napoli.

Kim Min-jae, who overcame the physical limitations of Asians with his 190cm tall physique and quick feet, took the starting position in the team without any adaptation period as soon as he transferred. In September of last year, he was the first Asian player to win the Serie A Player of the Month award.

He started 18 of the team’s 19 league matches and played full-time 17 times, with only one substitute appearance. He also played full-time in all six group stage matches in the European Champions League (UCL).

With 50 points (16 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss), he is the number one contributor to Napoli’s rising trend, which is leading the way by beating second-placed AC Milan (38 points). At this rate, Napoli can lift the Scudetto (Serie A trophy) with Kim Min-jae.

Min-jae If there is Kim Min-jae in soccer, there is Kim Min-jae in volleyball.

Kim Min-jae, born in 2003, is a valuable middle blocker resource in Korean volleyball, leading Korean Air in men’s professional volleyball.

Joining Korean Air in the 2021-22 season V-League 2nd round 1st place, he started all the games the team played in the 2nd year and jumped to the starting lineup.

He also placed at the top of his personal records, such as 3rd in quick attack (62.0%) and 7th in blocking (0.533 per set), and has grown into an indispensable force for Korean Air’s 3rd straight league challenge. The quick attack using Kim Min-jae became one of Korean Air’s main attack routes.

His skill has improved, and his popularity is rising as well, as he ranked second in the men’s division in the fan voting for the All-Star Game held on the 29th.

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