Firmino close to two-year deal with Liverpool

Multiple media outlets, including Sky Sports in the UK, reported on the 2nd that “Liverpool is likely to sign a two-year contract with Firmino.”

Firmino joined Liverpool from Hoffenheim in the summer of 2015. Wearing a Liverpool uniform, he participated in 348 official matches, forming a trio of ‘wives (Sadio Mane, Firmino, Mohamed Salah)’ and tasted victory in all competitions such as the 먹튀검증 Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, and EFL Cup.

This season too, Firmino is struggling with 7 goals and 3 assists in 13 league games, but the team is in 9th place and walking downhill. His future after his contract expires after the season is a matter of concern.

In the midst of this, Firmino’s agent, Roger Wittman, told the media, “Negotiations for renewing the contract are going quite well. Results will be available in February. We are on a good road. For Firmino, Liverpool is a special club,” foreshadowing a bright tomorrow.

Firmino suffered a calf injury in December of last year and was out of action. It is unknown when he will return.

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