Filipino basketball players who visited Korea to support Abando

Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 3rd, where Game 5 of the championship match between Seoul SK Knights and KGC Ginseng Corporation took place. About 30 Filipino basketball players watched the game in the stands.

It was the home of SK, but it was the Letran University of the Philippines team who came to the stadium to cheer for Lens Abando, KGC’s Filipino Asian quarter player. Abando won the Philippine Collegiate League NCAA with Letran University.

Head coach Bonnie Tan, who visited Korea with the team, said, “We are a team that won the Philippine NCAA championship for three consecutive years until this year, and (Lens) Abando played together when we won the second championship. Of course, I’m representing the Philippines, and I’m really proud to be playing as a Filipino player in the KBL.”

Even after Abando graduated, he continued to monitor Abando’s matches through a scouting program, organize and record them. He could have gone to another country, but he said he wanted to see Abando play.”

Head coach Bonnie Tan is stepping down as head coach at Letran University. This is because he will move to the position of head coach of NorthPort Batang Pier, a Philippine Professional League (PBA) team. How did KBL look to a coach who is recognized for his leadership in the Philippines?메이저사이트

Coach Bonnie Tan said, “The most impressive thing was that the physical fight was more tolerant than the Philippines. Compared to the Philippines, the physical fight is really big and intense, and the part that the standard for play with some contact is different is the part that surprised me the most.”

The most impressive players were Oh Se-geun and Choi Bu-kyung.

He said, “We fought very intensely. Strong collisions unfolded throughout the game without being pushed back physically, but it was surprising that the fight did not happen and the basketball was played normally. It was really impressive that both teams are really well-organized and move according to their promises according to organized frameworks and patterns.”

Abando played a role as KGC’s main gun, scoring more than double digits from the second game to the fourth game of this championship. However, in the 5th game that day, the score was disappointing. Based on his incredible athleticism, he recorded 10 rebounds and 6 blocked shots, but scored only 4 points.

Head coach Bonnie Tan said, “I want to keep my athletic ability and energy. Even if I don’t score, I can contribute to the team with rebounds, blocked shots, or energetic athleticism and activity like today. I hope,” he cheered Abando.

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