Explosive power like a beast! UFC heavyweight ‘Brazilian muscle man’ appears… 14 day match against Rosenstruk

 This kind of muscular body is possible even in the heavyweight class (under 120kg).

Xyleton Almeida (31, Brazil), who is attracting attention with 13 consecutive wins, aims to enter the top 10 UFC heavyweight division against striker Jairzinho Rosenstruk (35, Suriname).

Almeida, ranked 12th in the UFC heavyweight rankings, will face Rosenstruk, ranked 9th, in the main event of ‘UFC on ABC 4’ held at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on the 14th (Korean time).

Almeida is a Brazilian heavyweight grappler who has been around for a long time. He first learned boxing when he was 6 years old, but jiu-jitsu, which he learned from the age of 11, is his main specialty.

He landed 12 takedowns in 5 UFC fights. His takedown success rate is as high as 70%.

Even more surprising is the finishing instinct. All 5 matches were finished within 2 rounds. Once a takedown is successful, the game has been finished with a ground-and-pounding or submission.

His strength is the explosive power that comes from his muscular body. His mixed martial arts (MMA) record is 18 wins and 2 losses (UFC 5 wins undefeated).

Expectations are high for Almeida in the UFC. The event will be broadcast live on American terrestrial TV station ABC. Only popular players can take on the main event of the ABC televised competition.

For Almeida to be able to live up to the UFC’s expectations, he will have to go beyond kickboxer Rosen Strujk, who is a starkly opposite style.

Rosenstruk is an 85-year-old kickboxing veteran. In MMA, he has a record of 13 wins and 4 losses (7 wins and 4 losses in UFC).

Although it has a pot-shaped body shape different from Almeida, it is agile and powerful, and the destructive power of one shot is enormous. All of his seven victories in the UFC were won by KO (TKO).

Even if you are slightly pushed back in the content of the game, if one blows up, that is the end. In December 2019, his representative victory was his TKO victory by knocking down Alistar Overeem 4 seconds before the end of the 5th round.토토사이트

As a grappler and striker, the two players with opposite styles believe they have each other’s advantage.

“I know that Rosenstruk isn’t a good match for me,” Almeida said. “I’m faster and more flexible than the other fighters, but I’m just as strong as them. Plus, I try to finish more than any other grappler in the heavyweight division.” It will be a tough challenge for Struike,” he exclaimed.

“Almeida is a talented fighter and has the qualities to become a champion,” said Rosenstruk, “to be honest, this will be the first time he fights an opponent who is trying to pull his hair out.”

In this competition, ‘Fire Fist’ Kim Ji-yeon (33) competes and competes against Mandi Böhm (33, Germany).

The two fighters were originally scheduled to fight on February 5, but the fight was canceled three hours before the tournament after Boehm developed allergy symptoms.

Kim Ji-yeon said that she felt disrespected because there was no explanation or apology after the cancellation of the Böhm match, and expressed her desire to “definitely finish.”

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