‘Excluded from the list’, so it’s eye-catching…’Horror Show’ Dyer, ‘Ronaldo Team’ Al Nasr interested

 Eric Dier, who began to be classified as a resource other than power at Tottenham Hotspur, where he played for 10 years, began to attract Saudi attention.메이저사이트

Mohamed Al-Kawd, who delivers news from the Arab region of the British BBC, reported exclusively on the 13th (Korean time) that Saudi professional league Al Nasr is a new player showing interest in Eric Dyer. 

Dyer was unable to play in Tottenham’s 2023/24 Premier League opening match under manager Enze Postecoglu.

New defender Mickey van de Ben made an impressive debut, Christian Romero scored the first goal of the opening game, and Davinson Sanchez, who was substituted for Romero’s injury, performed better than expected, further reducing Dier’s position. 

Postecoglu said of Dyer’s situation at the post-match press conference: “He is part of our team. We have some players off today. Some good players are on the bench today. We need a strong squad of 11 players. It’s not just the players,” he said. 

He’s in the same boat as the other players. He’s been working hard in training and he can be picked at any time. My choice is to choose the one that will give me the best chance to win any match.” 

Dyer, who joined in 2014 and is approaching his 10th year with Tottenham, played 361 games for Tottenham alone. He has made 270 appearances in his career in the Premier League. 

However, Dyer’s near-worst lack of concentration last season contributed greatly to Tottenham’s shaky standings. In particular, when they came out with Dabinson Sanchez, both players allowed themselves to lose points due to their poor defense. As he lost concentration, there were many scenes directly related to his concessions, and his confidence also fell. 

Dier, who played 33 Premier League games in the 2022/23 season, seems to have completely lost his starting position under the new coach Postecoglu system. The match he played as a starter during the pre-season was a friendly match against Barcelona held just before the opening of the league. He provided the excuse for two runs due to a mistake at the end of the second half, and the team suffered a 2-4 come-from-behind loss. 

In the transfer market, Tottenham has recruited center back resources such as Mickey van de Ben and Ashley Phillips, and is in the process of looking into additional recruitment. It is only natural that Dyer’s position gradually diminishes. 

Meanwhile, Al Nasr began to show interest in Dyer. Al Nasr is one of the Saudi teams that has been attracting the most attention since Cristiano Ronaldo moved at the end of last year. 

In addition to Ronaldo, Al Nasr currently has players who have been active in the European big leagues, such as Sadio Mane, Seku Popana, Marcelo Brozovic and Alex Telles, who joined through this transfer window.

In addition, the deadline for the summer transfer window of the Saudi Professional League is September 20th, so there is still room. Saudi teams can still afford to shop for big league players in September. Dyer is also on the shopping list of Saudi teams. 

Meanwhile, Al Nasr also lifted the first trophy of the season by winning 2-1 against Al Hilal in the Arab Champions Cup final on the 13th. Al Nasr, who will play the league opener on the 15th, will play their first match against RIT Park, led by Steven Gerrard. 

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